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  1. Power restored 22 hours after lost. Awesome job for BGE! Folly Qtr still blocked though. Don't know why.

  2. Travel impossible today until storm passes and floods recede. Getting cold in MD. 38F outside in Glenelg. Thk God for natural gas fireplace

  3. Power out. Time to contemplate nature. #Sandy

  4. Light flickered. We're gonna lose power.

  5. Wind is starting to pick up in Glenelg Maryland. I hope we don't lose our power. #Sandy

  6. Woke up to a deluge of water. Keeping an eye out for Noah and his ark before I get worried. #Frankenstorm. #HurricaneSandy

  7. Get your paws on TunnelBear (http://t.co/4m4nlERn) experience the internet as if you were living in another country @thetunnelbear

  8. Leaving Florida where it's a sunny 84 degrees togoto Maryland where there's a freeze watch over weekend. #idontwannagohome

  9. NFL Game Rewind apps for iOS and Android tablets appear with coaches film and telestrator features via @engadget http://t.co/Xq00BOab

  10. Getting ready for Doctor Who with the family.

  11. My new favorite toy with Android. -voice texting. Yes I know it's been around for years but now I'm discovering it.

  12. I got LTE at last night's Ravens game at M&T Bank Stadium. Made me so happy as that's where I used my Wimax mostly last year. I love being able to pull up my Slingbox and watch the instant replay at close-up during the game. (Actually a 10-20 second delay from what's happening on the field.) My throughput rates weren't stellar (6mbps down/2-3mbps up) but usable for video streaming. Connection did drop as soon as I went inside the building (club level areas). I have no idea where the tower was. Looks like we're seeing progress here in Baltimore.
  13. T-Mo just got a lot more interesting. "@androidcentral: T-Mobile makes Unlimited Nationwide 4G plan official http://t.co/HaNpDCsZ #android"

  14. Doctor Who airs 9/1 in UK, 9/8 in US. Get your viewing parties planned!

  15. My geek thing of the day: Ghostbuster's Theme Song played on eight floppy disc drives: http://t.co/p5EjS5ru via @youtube

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