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  1. Thunder, not Lakers, still team to beat in West http://t.co/yZQHKx9A

  2. I'm a long time Sprint customer and have been happy with overall service including WiMax. I get to use it either via daily use or for an extended period. I have 4 devices on my account and 3 are available for update now with one next month. I'm SERIOUSLY looking into going with Verizon eventhough it will cost more per month due to the fact that we don't have difinitive timelines on LTE Rollout in North Orange County. Eyeing the SG3!! Any opinions on staying vs leaving? Thanks.
  3. Pacquiao 493 punches 190 landed. Bradley 390 punches 109 landed!! WATCH THE TAPE!! BRADLEY WAS NOT CLOSE!! http://t.co/g9SvOGnX

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