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  1. I personally prefer FiOS internet over Optimum, but I like Optimum TV over FiOS TV.
  2. Haha. If only I were still on Sprint . However, that is great news for all Sprint subscribers in the Lynbrook area. It doesn't look like it was mapped out though.
  3. That's not true. However, Sprint will only be discounting the ($30/$10) data fee applicable to each line.
  4. Be that as it may, it only raises curiosity on what the actual underlying issue(s) are. Could it be permits? Sub-contractor failures? etc..
  5. They probably need the remainder of the cash infusion from the merger in order to kick it into high gear.
  6. You need to adventure around a wee bit more then, lad.
  7. I've already started seeing 3G upgrades light up all around parts of Nassau and Suffolk County. LTE will likely build up over time. I don't expect it to be usable until the fall.
  8. Picked up some LTE yesterday on my way home from work on the LIRR along Sunrise Hwy near the Laurelton ---> Rosedale ---> Valley Stream stations.
  9. There's obviously something there as it would not have been lit up if there wasn't.
  10. Haven't discovered anything new recently. However, I have seen Sensorly have some light pink coverage near Elmont alongside the Cross Island Parkway.
  11. This wasn't that big of a deal from the beginning.
  12. I consider myself a normal (or moderate) user and I avg between 15-16 hrs. On days that I don't really use it much at all, it can go 34-36 hrs easy.
  13. Just make sure you map it out on Sensorly
  14. I anticipate that Spank will be bringing the heat once the merger is finalized.
  15. IIRC, no new towers will be built. However, a majority of towers should be upgraded to support NV-standard 3G/4G.
  16. You mean West Hempstead? Franklin Sq isn't exactly near Hempstead, otherwise.
  17. You should probably wait until the network builds out more before you decide to jump ship, imo.
  18. I noticed that. Right on the Northern State Pkwy. I was hoping it would be a little further south closer to Roosevelt Field Mall, but I wasn't that lucky lol.
  19. Custom ROM's are fine as long as the developer did not change the carrier information. This usually happens in ROM ports, etc.. Me thinks you'll be fine on TPR, but you can ask Kenny & Co. if they did make any modifications in the build.prop, etc..
  20. /wave - that was me! Lol! It has to be separate because I was never in Far Rock. I was over in Atlantic Beach then made my way to the Beach House (bar) in Long Beach.
  21. Got some 4G LTE over the weekend in the Long Beach / East Atlantic Beach area, which I mapped out.
  22. If I'm not mistaken, cellular data = 3G on iOS.
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