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  1. How a Tiny Dog Saved a National Geographic Expedition | Expedition Raw https://t.co/7qzl9Po6Gk via @YouTube

  2. Waves - Mr. Probz - I just used Shazam to discover Waves by Mr. Probz. http://t.co/RvQssk28Qt

  3. theScore - St. John's, Steve Lavin agree to mutually part ways - St. John's, Steve Lavin agree to (cont) http://t.co/Fe7rGyr6iI

  4. TwAn Ft. Franck Nicolas - Johnny Was: http://t.co/5pDdlLSebJ via @YouTube

  5. Why Does February Only Have 28 Days?: http://t.co/IzcVpvNDxu via @YouTube

  6. Pagode 90 - Grupo Da Melhor Qualidade - Radio Transcontinental FM 104,7: http://t.co/bLA08zBe9M via @YouTube

  7. Dad Song - Jem & The Holograms: http://t.co/euLWfdyLvY via @YouTube

  8. Rose Festival Junior Parade (Portland, OR)(4): http://t.co/fWmw168vlo via @YouTube

  9. Changs Mongolian Grill (Portland, OR): http://t.co/tg91hyyFAy via @YouTube

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