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  1. justen

    The Ting Thread

    Yup. Most of the devices that we see as being able to activate are either AppleCare replacements or refurbished devices. The iPhone 5s and newer behaves a lot like the Nexus 5, adapting itself to whatever network it needs to based on the SIM card that it sees at first boot. The only real hurdle is just getting the MEID in the database. For now, devices sold as new from anywhere other than Sprint don't make it in, but AppleCare replacement devices, the Nexus 5, and now the Nexus 6 are softening that once very hard line.
  2. justen

    New Lumia device (Windows?) incoming

    It was originally scheduled for November, but we've been hearing that the release date might have slipped a bit.
  3. Only Nexus 5 devices that are purchased from the Google Play store will be able to be brought over to Ting for the foreseeable future. For the original owner of a device, I don't think that's too terribly confusing. I can understand there might be some confusion for folks that buy used devices, but I would imagine that would be a relatively small number of devices during the first year. Inactive, compatible SIM cards can be unlinked and should be able to be reused, but you're sort of passing the "SIM buck" to the next person with that will be using that device, so to speak — since they'd then have to get a SIM card to be able to activate and use LTE.
  4. The Nexus 5 is a bit of a different animal. Folks are able to bring Nexus 5 devices that they purchase from Google Play over to Ting. We're still working on getting data and MMS flawlessly working, but so far it's looking good... https://help.ting.com/entries/28441553
  5. justen

    Original Airave by Samsung to be shut down?

    You can buy partially-subsidized Airaves for $130 directly from Sprint, which does come with a two-year agreement (but it's presumably yours after that, as opposed to the "free" ones which you must return or pay the non-returned Airave fee). If you don't want a two-year agreement, you can buy it outright for $280.
  6. justen

    Original Airave by Samsung to be shut down?

    Yeah. Never had the issue with the Samsung 1.0 or even the Airvana 2.0; the former was purchased outright, the latter was provided by Sprint at no charge. I have had both unplugged in the past, for one reason or another, for as long as a couple of months. Only with the 2.5 model (which they sent to replace a faulty 2.0 model) has there ever been a demand that it be "always on." I suppose if I had purchased it outright, the same restriction might not apply (although you're locked into a contract unless you want to pay $280). The few times I considered buying one (both the 2.0 and the 2.5 models), I've always been told it is out of stock. Now that I'm familiar with the Airvana models, I don't think I'd invest even $130 in one, anyway. We'll see if 3.0 is better. While I feel like I got my money's worth from the Samsung model, I don't like the planned obsolescence. I'm sure it will make someone's life easier not having to "support" them anymore, but aside from not spitting out 3G, I'm sure they could continue functioning fine for at least several more years if the infrastructure was simply maintained.
  7. justen

    Original Airave by Samsung to be shut down?

    I got a letter in the mail today saying my Airave 1.0 would be disconnected on August 1. I bought this baby for $199 back when the Palm Pre was launched, and have found it to be vastly more reliable than the Airvana 2.0 and 2.5 models. The letter didn't mention any options to replace it, just recommended I donate it to Sprint Buyback for charity. Do you mean that you only plug it in when your local tower is having issues? My Airvana 2.5 was having persistent issues a few months back, so I unplugged it until I could figure out what was going wrong. I was away for work for a little over a month, and forgot about it. I came back to a postcard saying that if I didn't plug it back in I'd be charged a $140 fee. I plugged it in, but it wouldn't activate. When I called in, they had already charged me the $140 fee and disconnected the line to which the Airave was attached. The representative reversed everything and we figured out the GPS puck was faulty. Still, an annoying hassle. Made me happy I "owned" my Samsung Airave. So much for that.