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  1. Has anyone looked at the band priority screen? There's like twenty bands of lte... interesting. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  2. I got mine at about 8:30 this morning. I had to actually call sprint because neither mine or wife would activate on the phone nor on website. I only know what the manager of ups told me about the sprint contract requiring a signature... whether or not the drivers abide by it. ..... thats on them. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  3. TBH, I haven't even looked at the capability of the Snapdragon 845 or whatever it is that's in the Note 8... I assume that it's HPUE capable, and has 2CA up and down? If I'm understanding the CA correctly, current devices are 2x CA on downlink, and 1x CA on uplink? I thought I saw somewhere that the 845 does do 2CA uplink and downlink, but i could be wrong. I'm sure someone who knows for sure will chime in...
  4. Both sent from same facility I'm sure.... Difference is one got on the plane and went to Bham International..the other was ...trucked? Montgomery doesn't have a UPS airport ...
  5. this photo is under ideal conditions, I assume. Where I am, I took the magic box to a true fringe area where band 26 is decent and 25 comes and goes. This tells me that above zero in the CINR is best, and the further negative and away from zero is worst. Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
  6. Normally, I've spoken with UPS before a shipment ever gets to the truck to be delivered. So from the local UPS facility, down to the driver that runs my route, I am well-known. And they usually help me out with things since some of the stuff I get is time-sensitive.
  7. But, if that's the case and the carrier already has the phones in their inventory -- which is VERY likely -- what's to stop them from sending them out or releasing them for shipment? I mean, once the carrier has them, it's probably some agreed-upon date before release can happen, and if the date is the same for carriers + Samsung direct, then it's just a matter of shipping speed chosen. I'm sure Texans will be impacted by the inability to deliver some items to certain areas as well.
  8. No. Under 'normal' circumstances -- and by that i mean beta devices that arent even released for public consumption yet ..."Shipment release authorized" means that UPS can leave the package at my doorstep..without me having to sign for it... But, as I mentioned earlier in this thread, when it comes to shipments that are sent from Sprint, they have a contract with UPS that states they MUST hand the packages to a person. Sprint had a lot of problems with people claiming "well i never received it" and they would lose tons of money with "stolen" or supposedly never received devices... It basically is a release authorization that I've presigned for all packages to be left if I'm not home to sign for them. But with Sprint, it doesn't stand...I have to physically be given the package..
  9. This will show exactly what UPS has ... (in literal terms, they have nothing but a label and tracking in their system. No package picked up yet).. So they've generated labels. Hopefully we see them start moving today..
  10. I should've left good enough alone. Since last Friday, my MB has not lost signal, my Note 5 hasn't d/c and recon not even once...for a solid week it's been on and working. yesterday I got to being petty about the signal and noise and such... And I moved it. I moved it 5" to 6" in the same area that it's in, but still moved it nonetheless...and that was a big mistake. I've had nothing but disconnect/reconnect. SCP is chiming like every couple minutes... I finally had to look back through my photos and see where it was sitting when I had it working, and according to photo, I put it back in that spot. And so far, it's still holding it's signal and my Note hasn't d/c but once since I put it back...
  11. Tracking details on both still show "Order processed: Ready for UPS" ... Until it gets on the plane and hits Bham, I can't really decipher what's happening. Hoping to see them start moving today (they will HAVE to be put on plane that leaves Kentucky for Birmingham by tomorrow morning at 5am in order to still have the device by tomorrow... If they don't start moving and get put on the plane ...then it will at the earliest be delivered on Tuesday thanks to the holiday.
  12. Both now showing in app. Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
  13. Mine has been working fine for a week now, with a -3.5 or so CINR and -120db on band 25.. Not to say it will be great forever, but it's doing it for now. ~5mbps down, 1.8mbps up
  14. Ok..you've lost me... So...I understand the 15db CINR being better than 2db CINR... But what about when it goes -5 CINR...what's better, a -3.5 or a -6.0?
  15. So, in my case, this: -123 with -3.8CINR is worse than -123 with 4.2CINR? Am I right? I assume it goes the way I'm thinking... a -3.5 is worse than a -4.5 Or do I have that backwards, and the closer to 0 means the better it gets?
  16. I should know the answer to this...but in the magic box "relay" status -- are we looking for a higher "CINR" or a lower "CINR"?? I'm getting a -121 with -2.1 CINR.. What is ideal...lower than that or higher than that? *btw* this is on b25..if that matters.
  17. I wonder why Samsung direct is shipping later than Sprint? Unless it's int'l...which I highly doubt...seems like Sammy should ship before them.
  18. I had given up on the day that I was installing the MB...I actually had sat in in the spot it currently resides as a last-ditch effort... Then I just left it, came inside and started playing my Ps4... I happened to grab my note5 and noticed it said B41 MB on SCP...and I was like "hey, it worked!!" It had sat for probably 2 hours...just searching. It seemed to fix itself from the 20% issue.
  19. Est delivery is 9/1. Will pickup on 9/1 at UPS hub (don't have a UPS store anymore...)...and will update when I see movement on the package..
  20. You are aware of the technical differences between the two devices?? I have the airave, but when I walk out of my house, it pretty much loses it's ability to provide a reliable calling signal ... And 3G is all you're gonna get... The magic box is LTE... which means data only. You're not gonna improve you're calling by getting a magic box. You're not gonna get better data speeds by getting a Airave. Now, the upside to the MB, when sprint goes to VO-LTE, then you'll see the MB helping with calls. Until that point, you're gonna see calls on CDMA, and data on LTE. The airave is eventually going to become outdated...as the CDMA network begins to be shut-down... i'd say within 8-10 years is what is estimated for CDMA. Likely, if a merger of some kind occurs between Sprint + Tmo..it could happen sooner.. I really don't pay much attention to my Airave anymore. Sometimes I run it for a couple weeks, sometimes i unplug it and let it sit.. I try to leave it unplugged for a few days (so I will know when there is work in the area that could improve my reception)... I hope to see B26 soon in my area...or a 2nd B25 carrier...but with the airave, it's not going to be obvious to me at my house. (I will say this, the MB reaches a LOT farther than the airave. I get nearly 1/2 a mile of LTE around my house...which is really surprising for such a small device)
  21. From my years of experience with UPS, FedX and USPS (mostly UPS and FedX tho)...that usually means (and sometimes it will say this) "tracking information has been sent to the carrier, but the package has not yet been picked up by the carrier"... so, a shipping label has been printed and placed on a box, but UPS hasn't picked up yet. They will probably start moving around 9-10am today..you'll probably see something on the UPS app around 5pm this evening (times are CST for me).. For those who are unaware, Sprint has a contract with UPS to not leave packages ...they told me that MUST see a person and hand it off ...so you need to either pick it up at the local hub (or UPS store), or have someone available to sign, Apparently people used UPS as a "I never got it" when they would leave packages on someone's door... I've signed the delivery confirmation release....but it still doesn't apply to shipments that are made from sprint.... I still have to physically touch the package as received from the driver...
  22. Sorry for that ambiguous email screenshot in my previous post.. Per my email at 3am or whatever time it was...my WIFE's grey Note 8 has a tracking number and is on the way... The one I wanted (the black) is not yet shipped. If i go to www.sprint.com/myorder ...then I can see that the grey has tracking, but the black doesn't.. I'm not receiving a return kit, since on the day I preordered my notes, i purchased my note 5 outright...so I own my note 5.
  23. They didn't mention my airave 2.5 when they talked to me. Still have it. btw, software updated... Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
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