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  1. Someone here in central AL is offering an LTE based internet service ... it's fixed wireless ISP by LTE. I'm wondering which carriers have signed agreements and how does the cell customers prioritize over this fixed LTE connection... Sardis telecom is the name. Or sardistel. Anyone feel like digging? I've seen supposed speed tests from their customers on their site. Too good to be true is my opinion... but I could be wrong.
  2. I got to hand it to Mr Schnelbacher...him and his team are quick. From the time I sent the first email and explained the scenario I have...it's barely been 2 weeks. I needed an outdoor solution... A magic box that could be outside but not be harmed by the elements. I'm about to stick a Rohn 20 tower up for a local WISP that I work with...while it's being placed in order to deploy air fiber, I'm going to use a section of it to stick this magic box and see how well it can work without being worried about rain/etc. He did tell me in our back-n-forth that it's water resistant...NOT waterproof. So I will have to provide ~~some~~ level of protection...
  3. Anxious to see this thing in action. I will try to remember to get photos Thursday when I receive it. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  4. The back, non screen side towards donor site (tower). As far as the direction of b41, I can receive it around 75ft in all directions(maybe more).
  5. Since I got the 540 (isn't that the 1st generation MB?)... I've had it outside, but under a carport. I already have access to some Rohn tower sections...I just need something more able to withstand the elements. Apparently there is a solution. It should be on the way... I've seen a difference in the upload ability of the MB gold and the 2nd gen. Before I got the gold, I was able to get 12mbps down and 5mbps upload... but with the gold, I can't get hardly any upload at all. I'm hoping this will be solved by the outdoor solution (I'm sure it will be) (Edit) Without the magic box, I get nothing at all. I can put my phone in the same place where I have the MB and I get 1x800 and sometimes b26. Not every time, very odd. The box works, obviously, but how is the weird part. Now that I'll be able to put it in a more outside area, I'm hoping I can get a much better option.
  6. This guy is quick to answer an email. Some on S4GRU might know the fringe that I live in, but for those who dont, I live in an area that has (on the magic box) a signal of around -118 to -115 with an SINR of 3.0 to 5.0 (+).. I sent GJS an email at the email address he listed in the Q&A, and within 10 minutes he personally had replied. He was quick to give me another solution that still falls within the magic box ... I'm not sure if he would want me to disclose the exact details, but I'll now be able to place the MB outside and not have to worry about the elements.
  7. Another update: I rarely use my desktop but decided to give some further details on what my Gen3 is doing. So far, I'm still seeing a -120/-119 with a +1.3 - +1.9 SINR. It doesn't d/c ...so it's holding steady (Even though we've had about 2 weeks of dreary, rainy days with lots of cloud and fog)... The Gen2 gave around the same (I think about a -118, maybe -117..with a +2.3SINR) and depending on the time of day (and the atmosphere), I could usually get a 15mbps download, 5mbps upload on the gen2. So far, with the Gen3, running reliably at -119, I am only seeing about 5mbps download, and 0.01mbps upload. I use Ookla Speedtest..which has never reported upload speeds correctly that I've seen...usually it jumps at the end of the test ... but both boxes were tested with Ookla. I've tried finding other areas near me...and I run into the issue of yes, it may work with a -112 in one of my out-buildings, but can the B41 penetrate back inside to reach my phones in the house...no. So I can find other areas that might have better signal, but they are going to be in a spot where it does me no good to run the MB ...or I'd have to sit outside to be able to use it. Hoping they tweak the power settings to match at least the gen2... From day 1 or 2 on the Gen2, I had mostly decent speeds. Here's a question for someone with closer ties to MB team...I remember when the Airave tech support team could submit a ticket for a power increase...and they would boost it ..but it had to be requested. They wouldn't just default it to that higher power setting. I wonder if there is such a scenario with the MB? I don't have anyone near me that connects to mine besides me, the wife, and my kids. None of my neighbors have Sprint.. Mostly, the number of users on my MB runs around 4-5 connections.
  8. After having it connected solidly for 3 days... the performance isn't quite up to what the gen2 gave me. I still have both... but trying to use the gen3 as much as I can... Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  9. I had asked what the latest version of firmware is on the box.
  10. Unless you can outright own the box, I wouldn't trust Ebay. I don't even know if there is a way to purchase the MB. It has to be provisioned on the account.
  11. That's likely going to be the setup that I use. These things work, but it's weird to try and set one up in a fringe area... I'm still running the gen3 setup to get it working. I took it to my fire department where there is really good b25 lte... I let it do the initial setup.. then brought it back home to place it.
  12. Can someone give the most recent firmware version? Got the new one up and running...sw is ( Thanks. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  13. My gen3 MB was delivered today. Haven't had time to set it up ...I was home long enough to receive the delivery, then had to dip. When I get back from my free steak dinner (reward for completing my certification for hazmat and firefighter)... I'm going to set it up. I already have a gen2... still active on my account. The gen3 will be a spare... I'm trying to find a better spot for my MB... and now I don't lose service while I'm testing different locations. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  14. That's my problem also. I wanted an additional MB...but already have 10 lines. I requested to have my old tablet removed back in March..apparently they haven't done that and the tablet is still on my account. I don't even know where it is...so I dont want it..but after asking them to remove that line 3 times...I just haven't called back again and requested it a 4th time. Financial dept was the one that I was transferred to and they told me that the new GEN3 magic box would not work in my area. Even though I have a gen2 right now and it's working, they said the Gen3 has a different "configuration"...that's how she worded it. Called back, got ahold to someone with some sense, and requested just to replace my current MB..not add an additional.
  15. I called back and talked with a different person...told them that I knew the MBGold used the same as the Gen2, he placed the order (except as a replacement, not additional). Something about my account having 10 lines already and needing to talk with financial dept in order to have an 11th line added... I don't really care about having 2 if the Gen3 works like the Gen2 does..
  16. My order fell through. When I talked to them today, they said that the band that is needed for gen3 in my area isn't available. I told them that my gen 2 works fine but apparently the 3 uses different carrier
  17. It's 30 right now with a nice breeze of about 10mbps ...or 10mph. I think the wind chill factor is around 26. It's supposed to get up to a high of 46 today.
  18. I'm on my laptop right now, but I'll grab a photo in a little bit when it gets warmer... the speeds for this area ...if within range of the donor tower....are around 35mbps down, 15mbps up. I have yet to be able to find LTE anywhere on my property, or my neighbors, using just my phone. I can go further back behind my property and I'll get decent speeds up and down.
  19. My magic box sits outside year-round. I have it in the ONLY spot that I've ever been able to remotely find a usable LTE signal (B25). What amazes me is that I can unplug the Magic Box and sit my phone (note 9) in the spot where the magic box is working fine...and my phone will not latch onto a B25 signal. It will, however, pick up a 1x800 ...but just not the LTE. Plug the MB back in and it works like it should. Granted I only get around 7mbps down and 1mbps up...it works. And it works reliably... The only issue I've ever encountered with having it outside, under the carport, was when one of my kids moved the towel that I draped on the front of it and rain blew in and got into the inside. At that point the box kept working but the screen was unresponsive. I have changed the setup and placed a piece of heavy 4x4 on top of the towel on the shelf above the MB...and it's been fine for over a year now, sitting outside.
  20. I didn't spell check...but the order is placed. Not pled. Last time I asked for them to send me a 2nd one (not a replacement, but a 2nd box, additional to the 1st..) they refused and said it couldn't be done.
  21. @pay day loans online .....<-----when I typed @ and pay....funny.. Anyway... @Paynefanbro ...I literally just called and the order is placed and it's on the way. It should be delivered this week. I told him that I already had a gen2, he said that's fine...and that it just couldn't be in the same household. So I gave him my business address...and it's a done deal. I asked about the CDMA device for phone calls and he said it isn't out/ready just yet, but I should receive an email when that device can be ordered. I guess it depends on who you get when you call whether they are willing to place the order. Maybe try calling back and see.. (I seriously placed the call at 9:38am)
  22. Yeah but speed isn't capped like the others... have they started recip roaming with tmo?
  23. Not sure why my note 9 suddenly started hitting band 2 here...
  24. It seems to be a previous search for "weather" and I think it is popping up at the same time each day..IF I happen to be using the phone when that particular time comes around. It's like a Google Now card ...but gets annoying that I can't find out where to turn it off...
  25. I just got this notification since I still have around 500 shares of Sprint stock. Can anyone put this in non-NYSE speak so I can take my 500 and decipher what I"ll have when this is completed? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KehMngDAMICwVAeuXlIDb92LTixhcUsX/view?usp=sharing
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