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  1. There's always a few people, prob under a hundred nationwide, who have a unique issue. Being able to modify band priority has in some cases, made people able to use their phone as expected. In a case where Sprint can't make a special prl just for one or two people (not that band priority is tied to prl).. Just saying... Being able to do these things can be helpful in getting an engineer to the root of a problem.. or seeing what exactly is happening, or just being handy in times that it should work properly.
  2. Eh gotta love that... Who needs that sorta control anyway..
  3. Change the band priority to 1. 41 2. 25 3. 26...
  4. I actually saw the SSID on my magic box... Something made it boot loop and it wouldn't stop. Still unsure why, but after unplug for about thirty and plug back in, it decided to work properly again. But I saw the AU-545 ssid briefly. Came close to calling but that's when it began working again. Hasn't happened again yet... Is there something with these doing that?
  5. I hope someone will post it for us because I've had to turn off roaming LTE on my note 8... It kept finding band 17 before it would latch to band 41 magic box... So there's that
  6. Realistically, I'm curious about how soon after a merger is announced will we see them make it where TMO LTE is native for Sprint and vice versa
  7. I connect to att and data becomes unresponsive.... I've not been able to use any roaming LTE on at&t at all... It turns off soon as I connect. I finally went in and turned off roaming LTE ...
  8. I'm thinking they've closed off residential requests for now until they fill some of the orders. I know the link is around here somewhere, Google Sprint magic box, or try sprint.com/magicbox Currently, last I heard, it was business only...
  9. I think it's a very exciting time to be a Sprint customer. What would be better is if a merger is done and those TMO roaming bands turn into native. It should be rather easy and one of the first things upon a merger happening... Turn on band 12 and band 4 for us Sprint customers... Same for TMO. Turn on band 25,26 and 41 for them... U would think that happens within 6 months of the merger. Either way, I look forward to seeing what happens in the near future with Alabama. Seeing some sites go from GMO to full LTE... Then I'd like to see what happens to my Sprint stick with a merger.
  10. I think it'll get better...I don't know why it doesn't perform well. I don't remember how the note 5 did when it first released... But I think once it's past it's initial launch they might tweak the radio.
  11. I'd be happy with a better radio firmware. I still see the places where my note 5 was great on magic box reception and the note 8 doesn't pick up at all... Hopefully we get something soon.
  12. I don't have a bill from ²ⁿⁿ⅞ to compare. I had the Samsung Airave... That was the first one...
  13. I wish they would've given me two on my account. I had to get with a cousin and use his number in order to get one for business location.
  14. The only way, so far, that I have found to keep my Note 8 from jumping on B17 AT&T is turn off LTE Roaming in ##DATA#... And even then, I'm bouncing back to EV-DO VZW roaming -- I really think they should do some work on the radio and improve the reception.
  15. It's given a line on an account. I know this because I already had a magic box, on my residential account, and I requested a magic box for business location. The lady from MB support emailed me and said "we need an account to link this business magic box to"...so I gave her my number, which already had a MB linked... She emailed me back and said that I couldn't use my account, because I already have a MB linked to my account, and needed to use a different account to link it to for the business MB. If it wasn't linked to an account (with a phone number, as shown below) then accounts would allow as many as you want to request within reason. I couldn't request one for home and one for business using the same account number..
  16. Since band 17 is a roaming band... It's either on or off. I change the band priority a few days ago. Either have to disable LTE roaming or leave it on. I know Sprint doesn't have a roaming partner for LTE around here.... The closest I know of is cspire in Mississippi...
  17. So far, nothing I've done has made the note 8, mine or my wife, c connect better than it does right now. In places where the note 5 was fine and had great signal, the note 8 drops to att b17. I wish I could turn off b17..
  18. Fastest way is go into the Samsung Galaxy app store... Download the shop Samsung app. Sign into it and go to promotions. You'll see it listed. That's the fastest
  19. By the way...I was told newer devices have an MSL of zeros. Both of my note 8 phones have the MSL of 000000
  20. Also, can anyone list those wild LTE bands and which carriers are using them? I'm curious if they are in the carrier association and if we will see those working in areas anytime soon...
  21. Hopefully the radio gets some work... In places where I have -110 from my magic box on Galaxy tab A, the note 8 is dropping to AT&T band 17 roaming. I realize B41 and tablet has more room.. But the note 5 also had decent magic box B41 reception in the same spot. Both mine and wife note 8 won't hang on to that B41 in places where note 5 held it rather well.
  22. Sent email about business magic box Friday... Had some issues with request that we fixed via email.. Received email today saying order was placed and also received tracking info. Will have it on Wednesday according to UPS. The business unit has same model number as my personal unit... AU545
  23. I'm staying around -115 with 3.5 to 4.1 CINR . Got out of the negative CINR finally... Increased me from no signal at all... to having useable b41 with 7mbps down and 2mbps up Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
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