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  1. I can't understand what is happening. Apparently the LTE airave.. will not work here. Voice won't connect but data says its working fine on the airave. Rep said it likely won't work.. but data is connected? 

    Speed tests are nothing (I have 600meg/700meg fiber) and tests show 39mbps down, 7mbps up. 

    Screenshot_20200505-050246_SignalCheck Pro.jpg

    Screenshot_20200505-050521_SignalCheck Pro.jpg

  2. Now they've sent me a 2nd airave (LTE) and the guy I spoke with this morning has directed me to move the actual box itself so that it's facing east/north east so that it may help it work...because for whatever reason it will not connect. He said something about the airave not working in this location any longer, but I used one from 2010 until 2016, then used the magic box from 2016 till 2018...then the licensing on magic box changed and I tried to revert back to airave...

    I didn't think the placement of the box mattered...the GPS is fine and solid green..and long as you got GPS and good internet...it would broadcast just fine???

  3. And I can't believe it's been TWO DAYS and this new Airave 3 STILL has red lights and won't just connect!!

    I was unaware of the Airave 3 having a data side, and a voice side until I got the box in..and saw it.. So it has the LTE side on one set of lights, and the CDMA side on the other set of lights. 

    Here's the thing..the LTE side is connected with ALL green lights. The voice side has 2 green, and 2 blinking red.

    Reset after reset...unplugged for hour..plugged back in...

    I'm at a loss!

  4. 5 hours ago, JonnygATL said:

    Our phones very  rarely connected well to our magic box when I lived with my ex in the old place though when they did our service went from "meh" to very good. Where I live now I get great service with Sprint on band 41 even deep inside my apartment. Never less than 100 down.  But I've lived here a year and haven't once felt the need to even plug in the magic box. He took the dog and I got this silly MB that I've never even felt the need to use in my new spot?  At least my dating apps load lickety split here on band 41! 😂

    I got fiber optic internet service back in October 2019, so the Airave // Airvana // MB working like it should hasn't been a huge issue for us. We can all connect to wifi-calling with our phones and all of us make a phone call at the same time..and still have plenty of internet. I would even be willing to let T-mo place a small cell on a pole in my yard and have a fiber drop put on it. I'm sure they would want a scalable link, probably with gigabit speeds..and I don't know if they could achieve it with current equipment without adding some stuff to it.. I get  this type of speed when I do a test on my speeds:



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  5. 6 hours ago, ingenium said:

    I can only find an eBay listing of a C5000, no other info, but it appears to be an LTE only femtocell. There's no CDMA status light. It's probably from the Airave 3 days, but it's not an Airave 3.


    It's possible that it was an engineering unit and is on an engineering account at Sprint instead of your personal account. Some of us have engineering Magic Boxes (pre-release models) that are on internal engineering accounts instead of our personal accounts.


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    The rep who sent me the Airave THREE...(I say that because I have 8 devices and with the Airave 3, my watch and tablet are shit out of luck)

    She said her GPS map didn't show anything at my address and it shouldn't shown something. So I don't know what the thing does, but it wasn't helping my calls, and only made my phones show LTE when I was connected to Wifi...how odd is that?

    I wanted the Airave 4 because it can handle 8 connections instead of 6...but that didn't happen.


    And, nearly 24 hours later, the airave 3 they sent is STILL not provisioning correctly. I can't get rid of the stupid red lights..and it's been plugged up for over 8 hours this time around.

    I did port forwarding...then I tried just putting the Airave in the DMZ on my router. Still no go.

  6. 2 minutes ago, ingenium said:

    Airvana is an Airave 2.5 I believe (might be the 2.5+). No LTE.

    All Airaves have beeps on CDMA. Even the 4. If you don't hear the beeps, you aren't using the Airave.

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    So what box do I have...I'll take a few pics and show it..but I don't understand the purpose of being sent the box if it wouldn't help voice, and didn't help data either. It really just sat there with some pretty solid green lights all the time...

  7. Well...at least you guys KNOW which device you have. I don't know what the hell Sprint sent me in may of 2019...but it doesn't look like an Airave 3 (like I was told it was)...and it's not a magic box.

    When the Magic Box area was fine-tuned around me, I am outside of the license area by about 1 mile..so they turned off my MB back in March of last year and left me not knowing why until I contacted George Schnellbacher and talked with him. He said he was sorry and would send me an Airave to help my service since I was about to have gig fiber installed...and that's what I thought they sent.

    never paid much attention to it once I got it in. I hooked it up..and noticed I didn't hear the "3 beep thing" that the Airaves had always done...because I had an airave since the Samsung days of Airave at Sprint. So I know how they should work..I just figured the new Airaave didn't do the beeps anymore.

    Noticed I had B41 LTE but thought it was normal...and I finally decided to call this past week because my calls are dropping and shouldn't be if the Airave works like it should.

    They couldn't find the Airave on my account. It just wasn't there. And I don't have a MB.

    I rec'd the Airave 3 today ...and it don't look nothing like this box that GJS sent me last year. 

    The box GJS sent says "Airvana" on it. And he had mentioned sending an S1000...but I didn't know what that was and if that's actually what he did send. Anyone want to see a pic to try and guess at what I've got?

  8. But if I turn off wifi on my phone, i should be able to hit that B41 connection with my phone...but, the phone instead grabs a roaming AT&T B12 data, and completely ignores the B41 femtocell signal. If the Airave is supposed to boost service, and it doesn't boost voice service (at all) and it doesn't boost data service (at all), then what exactly is the purpose behind having it?

    And they can't even find the thing in my account...

    And she said according to her map, the closest Airave is 7 miles from my address..

    not sure what it's connected to, or what it's broadcasting...but it's not something my note 10 will latch to unless I'm on wifi (then it just reads that there is B41)... Soon as the wifi on my phone is switched off, that B41 disappears and it reverts back to that B12 from AT&T

  9. Ok yeah..I just did some sleuthing...and the data connection shows it's connected to B41 on SCP..but the data connection isn't active. So if I turn off wifi, I resort to flipping constantly between active, inactive on SCP for data. Something definitely isn't right...I just never noticed.

    Not sure why it displays B41 when I turned wifi on...but soon as I turned wifi off, it started switching between active/inactive...over and over.

    Even with all the lights on the Airave solid green. What the heck is that thing broadcasting if it's not a signal that I can use?

  10. The Airave 2.5, 2.0, 1.0 and Samsung Airave all worked fine here... 

    The problem is when GJS had his team add it ...it's not on my account. I'm not sure how they did it.


    I get LTE from the 3.0 Airave right now..works like it should...just not anything voice. I don't know what is going on with it... but it's never had the 3 beeps since day 1 when I got it. I thought it just didn't do that anymore and never paid attention to it...but I started noticing that I had roaming on voice calls, when the Airave has ALL green lights on solid...so it piqued my curiosity.

  11. So I spoke with Sprint about my Airave 3. I'm not sure why I didn't think about posting here about it..just hasn't been a huge deal..but the LTE part of the Airave has worked fine...since I got it back in May of 2019. The history with me and the Airave started with George Schnellbacher...we exchanged emails for quite a while..because I had a magic box that worked GREAT...for like, 2  years..until Sprint started losing licenses or adjusting the areas where they could deploy magic boxes..and suddenly one day my magic box quit working. Exchanged some emails with GJS and he finally determined that the area had shrunk for licensing around me, and I was about a mile too far from the line to have the MB deployed at my address...but he had an airave sent to me instead. 

    I rec'd the Airave and hooked it up as normal -- cause before the MB came along, I had kept an airave since the Samsung version back in 2010..and they all worked great here. So plugged in, set-up the Airave..and lights went green. Figured all is well. Never noticed the 3-beep sound before a call..but didn't think much of it. GJS referred to the box as an S1000.  Finally today I decided to try and swap out the airave 3 for the airave 4...as I missed having the calls on the airave.  Talked with support this morning for an hour and half....they can't find the airave on my account..and I don't get the 3 beeps when calling. Plus, the agent said the closest airave to me was 7 miles away. Very odd...

    I'm still getting all green lights..and the airave DOES give me LTE service on my phone (B41)...but nothing else. NO calls. 


    So..what the heck??? I mean, the box says "Airave" on it..so it's GOT to be an airave...but it doesn't let me do calls? Even on VoLTE?

    I have a note 10, note 9...etc ...all of my lines are capable of VoLTE..and Wifi calling. But this particular airave doesn't have calling or just does LTE?


    Either way, i'll have the new airave in a day. And it'll be the Airave 4..and it's actually provisioned on my account. 

    She said I needed to send back the current one..but if it's not provisioned on my account and doesn't come up in a search...would it really hurt to hook it up at my fire department just to have some better data inside (we have NO service on Sprint devices)...


    I don't really know but I tend to think that they don't even know how this particular box is provisioned for use since she couldn't find it..and my station really needs a femtocell....


  12. Does anyone here use the Harmony remote and Hub?

    I have major issues with the hub and connecting to internet via a netgear R9000 router (which is the Nighthawk branded router)...

    Something about AP isolation I think? I was unable to get internet on the harmony hub, but it DID successfully connect to the SSID. Just wouldn't talk to internet.

    I tried putting the Harmony hub in the DMZ on the router..still no internet.

    I wound up using an E2500 (linksys) that I have laying around as a spare SSID..the router is used for my Ubuntu box that I run PopcornOS on. The only thing on that SSID is the Harmony hub and the Roku now..because I couldn't set-up the Roku when it was on a different SSID from the Harmony. The E2500 is running AdvancedTomato..but the Netgear Nighthawk is running stock Netgear.

  13. 1 hour ago, Frustrated_44 said:

    I'm right there with you @dekere I am a Sardis customer but am getting pretty fed up. I for sure am really interested in building my own router/buying a nighthawk. I just need a little point in the right direction. @belusnecropolis I have sent you a direct message, thank you ahead of time!

    I am not happy with my experience with them. I had them for a few months...then I got my fiber and dumped them.

  14. 10 hours ago, belusnecropolis said:

    I always just sent back a box of parts, no one ever complained to me. I wonder if they will. I bet they go with all options, but who knows.

    They keep inflicting these things on folks looking for a solution, when in reality the first people who get them seem to be a field test. 

    Or if not a field test, you're in an area that has been Magic Box capable since it's inception...and suddenly, a closer look at the map is warranted because I'm a mile from the "line" and I can no longer use the magic box...so I must send the 2 I'm using, plus a family member that I referred to get one also must send theirs back.

    I'm still trying to use the Airave 3 LTE which works fine for a data connection...but does nothing for voice. Wifi calling can sometimes be a joke (fiber 150mbps down, 150mbps up)..

    I've been overly frustrated with Sprint this past 8 months or so... and mainly because the magic box was working fine for us..then suddenly they realized we are going to cause a huge FCC ruckus here in bumfuct Alabama...a little area with a pop of 5k and no traffic lights... So off with the MB..and back to Sprint they must be sent.


  15. 5 minutes ago, imex99 said:

    Yes it is!

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    Good!! I can't wait until my router arrives that is wifi 6...I'm not sure on the exact date, but should be the next week or so. I'll be getting a sneak-peak at one of the first consumer-grade routers certified for wifi 6 and also mesh wifi from a well-known company in networking equipment. 


    The only thing I questioned on the specs that we were disclosed about was the requirement of internet speed to be AT LEAST 50mbps in order to function properly.

    I actually received an email from the person managing the trial that asked specifically for my internet speed, and that  I needed to have at least 50mbps for this router to perform properly. 

    Most recent speed test gave me 128mbps down, 141mbps up...so I might be ok.


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