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  1. 1 hour ago, Frustrated_44 said:

    I'm right there with you @dekere I am a Sardis customer but am getting pretty fed up. I for sure am really interested in building my own router/buying a nighthawk. I just need a little point in the right direction. @belusnecropolis I have sent you a direct message, thank you ahead of time!

    I am not happy with my experience with them. I had them for a few months...then I got my fiber and dumped them.

  2. 10 hours ago, belusnecropolis said:

    I always just sent back a box of parts, no one ever complained to me. I wonder if they will. I bet they go with all options, but who knows.

    They keep inflicting these things on folks looking for a solution, when in reality the first people who get them seem to be a field test. 

    Or if not a field test, you're in an area that has been Magic Box capable since it's inception...and suddenly, a closer look at the map is warranted because I'm a mile from the "line" and I can no longer use the magic box...so I must send the 2 I'm using, plus a family member that I referred to get one also must send theirs back.

    I'm still trying to use the Airave 3 LTE which works fine for a data connection...but does nothing for voice. Wifi calling can sometimes be a joke (fiber 150mbps down, 150mbps up)..

    I've been overly frustrated with Sprint this past 8 months or so... and mainly because the magic box was working fine for us..then suddenly they realized we are going to cause a huge FCC ruckus here in bumfuct Alabama...a little area with a pop of 5k and no traffic lights... So off with the MB..and back to Sprint they must be sent.


  3. 5 minutes ago, imex99 said:

    Yes it is!

    Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk

    Good!! I can't wait until my router arrives that is wifi 6...I'm not sure on the exact date, but should be the next week or so. I'll be getting a sneak-peak at one of the first consumer-grade routers certified for wifi 6 and also mesh wifi from a well-known company in networking equipment. 


    The only thing I questioned on the specs that we were disclosed about was the requirement of internet speed to be AT LEAST 50mbps in order to function properly.

    I actually received an email from the person managing the trial that asked specifically for my internet speed, and that  I needed to have at least 50mbps for this router to perform properly. 

    Most recent speed test gave me 128mbps down, 141mbps up...so I might be ok.


  4. 27 minutes ago, ss7seven said:

    I am in Prattville AL, just North of Montgomery. Had 3 magic boxes so far. Receive the 1st in February of 2018, Second in August 2018 and the 3rd (MB Gold) in January 2019. Worked great up until about February of this year. Was listed as an available site area until March 2019. Speeds were decent, 20 down and 8 up. Now the network is unusable at best. Band 25 was consistent and usable. No matter where in my home I put the MB, it grabs a very weak band 41. This results in 1-2MB down and 5-7Kb up. Have called the MB support line and have an open ticket with engineering. NO help whatsoever. Keep getting told ONLY that I am not in a serviceable area. VERY frustrating. This is the only, or was, my only option for home internet. I have 4 phones and 1 mifi device connected to the MB and now it is unusable at best

    You might want to look over my posts in the last month or 2...I've had to deal with the exact same thing. Chances are, you're in the same type of area that I am in...where they allowed MB to work, then discovered they didn't have the proper licensing for it to operate. I'd be ready to get some return boxes ...they are probably gonna want you to send the MB units back. 

    I just got the S1000 femtocell yesterday...I vowed after the Airvana 2.5 that I wouldn't have another femtocell (charged for data from ISP, just to use that same data on my phone and get charged again)...but with unlimited it doesn't matter much. I only agreed to use an LTE femtocell because I'm having fiber 100/100 installed in about a month when it becomes available to us.  On my old DSL, not an option at 6meg down, 0.5meg up.

    Not very happy with that licensing crap...I was under the impression that Sprint had the B41 spectrum by the reigns for the most part. But apparently i'm in one of those areas where they don't.

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  5. It's all over now but the crying. I had the flu last week...but during that time, I found out from George Schnelbacher via email that I'm in a "bermunda triangle" per se... Inside the outlined area below is where (I'm guessing) B41 can't be broadcast by Sprint due to licensing ...

    I"m not understanding this from the license perspective..maybe someone can divulge what the restraints are for this particular area... and why is it off in the middle of bum$$ck Alabama, no where NEAR a major metro area...but splits an area across 2 counties. 

    Makes absolutely NO sense to me. 


  6. 12 hours ago, though said:

    that puts you outside the line and wal-mart down the street inside the line?

    Apparently yes. I can't find any spectrum asset maps that show the same thing that I was sent by the MB team.

    I'm obviously within 35 miles of the tower, and can't find a map showing that we're "splitting the football" ...

  7. 6 minutes ago, nexgencpu said:

    Sounds like some type of change in spectrum holdings

    B41 licenses aren't issued the same way as others. Its radius dependent unlike other bands that are more county dependent. Bottom line, B41 licenses might be different on one street down from you within the same county.

    allnet did an article related to this a while back..




    What's funny is it's not even 1 street down. A couple miles down the same road from me, the magic box address checker says it will work


  8. Pick any address around me in a circle and if it's more than about 3 mile in diameter...the magic box says "Congratulations...available"..

    But, anything near me, within a mile or so...says unavailable. This is absolutely absurd. There's nothing here...no county lines, no weird stuff like airports within a mile or 2..we're talking..my address is dead-a$$ in the middle of the country with the nearest walmart 8 miles away. The closest address that I got for magic box to say it would work was 3 miles up the road on the same road I live on. There's no explanation for that. 

    One little tidbit they seem to be overlooking at Sprint...it's worked FINE for over a year. Since around August of 2017 when I got the very 1st magic box...I've had NO trouble at all. Why all of a sudden now? Nothing has been done to the spectrum holdings in this area!!!

    One thing that I have seen...Sprint has some B41 here in Sylacauga but it's awful. 40mbps download, 0.5 mbps upload.  Great download speeds. Upload either won't test or barely has any speed. Tuning issues I guess.

  9. 1 minute ago, though said:

    Try a factory data reset. Fingers crossed!

    I can't bring myself to do it...I'm skeered!! I don't understand what's going on...however, maybe it's a good thing that Justin last emailed me 2 days ago saying that "I'm sorry, after meeting with my team, it has been discovered that MB is no longer going to work in your location..."

    Paraphrasing here..but that's pretty much what he said to me.

    Then, I conducted my test .....by going to Walmart with my inverter and MB Gold edition... Once I saw that the MB connected and was finally working as it should, I unplugged and came home with it..and put the Gold in place of the Demo Acct magic box..which is where it's at right now and working normally.

    I took some pics while at Wal-mart of the box connected to the relay, then broadcasting b41 like it should..and also saved my GPS coordinates in a longitude/latitude format...and when I got to my PC at home, I pieced together the photos of the mb, the GPS coordinates, and sent Justin an email saying that I hated to hear about the boxes no longer working..but that I have been using magic boxes flawlessly for over a year (since launch/inception) and never an issue. So it really was bad news for us to hear we can no longer use it after great service for the past 1 year +++. 

    I haven't heard back yet. I hope that's a sign that he took what I said and isn't going to just chalk it up to listening to GIS software...

    This area should be fine for MB use...and I hope they discover what is causing this entire central AL area to show up as unavail to use magic box in the address tester.

    I don't know exactly how much area it is but EVERY single address that I've entered in the magic box address site says unavailable. That CANNOT be right...especially with all the bandwidth that Sprint has in this area...

    CAVEAT: At launch, this area was PERFECTLY APPROVED for a magic box. SOMETHING has changed in their GIS mapping software or location data..not sure what. But my kids raced through their roaming data in 1 week without the magic box being on...it's really starting to bite...

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  10. I've already rebooted this box (MB Gold) since I got home -- Someone parked in front of it and caused it to drop..so I rebooted ...and it's done came back on from a reboot. So...it seems as though the location data is dependent on which version of the MB that you have. (Also noted, the display on the MB Gold looks different -- so it obviously has taken a firmware update).

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  11. 10 hours ago, though said:

    If you reboot or factory data reset, I bet it goes back to non-working!?!?!

    I don't want to risk it..but I hope that I hear something back from the CTO of magic box team... If anyone has information that I am wrong about the licensing being changed in the central Alabama area, please let me know...as far as I know though, there's been no major changes in Sprint's spectrum holdings for this area. I have noticed they are deploying some B41 on the towers in Sylacauga..but that shouldn't affect the MB being able to rebroadcast B41. They've had 2CA B25 for months now, and the magic boxes have worked great. Plus, some of the towers that the box is connecting to have ONLY B25/B26 single carriers... 

    I haven't gone in depth with PCI numbers, but I believe there are only 2 towers (out of the 3 total in Sylacauga area) that have B41 and B25.  My wife, on her job in Shelby county, told me that the last couple of months her service has gone to sh**...where it used to be great in the control room, now she barely has signal. Not sure what they are doing here in this area...but geolocation data for this area is not great.. Being a firefighter and depending on Active911 to geocode addresses, sometimes we have to just guess at it.. For the most part, geocoding/geolocation works OK...but there are some areas here that we get 911 calls/fire calls and the map data is HORRIBLE!!


    Maybe this is part of the problem. I really think it's a GIS issue with their mapping software telling them this area isn't validly licensed when in fact it IS validly licensed.  Does anyone know or have a resource that I can look to see how much B41/B25/B26 Sprint has in Central AL? 

    I think on B26 they only have 5MHz...I only know that because the EMA won't release that last 5MHz of B26 (our dispatch radios are called "800's" because they are on 800MHz). 

    As an aside, my chief just picked up my Motorola XTS5000 to have it re-programmed for the 700MHz frequency..along with getting a new antenna. But that has nothing to do with this (except hopefully we can get better communication for helping people when they call 911)

  12. 21 hours ago, though said:

    I bet the new firmware was pushed out to your units. Upon bootup they didn't pass the address verification part.

    Does any of the addresses of your MB's pass the address verification test?


    If not, take a unit to a location that DOES pass the test and let it boot up. Then take it back. Will probably work but not permanently 😕

    I will check when I get back from taking a kid to get a flu test...but as it stands...here's what I've found.


    5 miles from my home, in the same county (just not within the city limits)..but same county...the magic box works fine. I just got back from Sylacauga, in the Wal-Mart parking lot with my power inverter, and the Magic Box Gold edition...and it connected to the 2669 Settlement Road, Sylacauga, 35150 tower just fine. My home, I connect to the SAME tower, just a different sector..and it won't work...

    I'm taking the Demo acct version MB with me back to town to connect the same way..

    I took a few pics and forwarded them to Justin Aldridge with MB team..showed him my GPS coordinates of where I was when I connected..and told him that my home is only 5-6 miles from those GPS coordinates, in the same county, but on the same tower/different sector of the same tower, I can't get the MB to give me B41. 

    There has been nothing changed around here in regards to how much B41/B25/B26 Sprint retains license to...so I don't understand why this address is being geocoded as unavail for MB deployment. ESPECIALLY since I've been using the magic box since launch without a issue..it's worked GREAT, until March 2, 2019. 

    What gives??!!!?!?!

  13. I could understand that if I was closer...but I live 2 counties away from Birmingham (Jefferson)...I'm in Talladega county...the southwest corner of it.  I emailed back to Sprint and told them that I couldn't understand why it's been fine for nearly 2 years, and suddenly this sector of the tower can't allow MB...but the western-facing sector can.

  14. Apparently, according to an email that I just received, the magic box no longer can be used in this area. But, I can travel to Sylacauga, in town within 3 miles of the tower (on a different sector of the same antenna that is my donor) and it works fine. But on the sector that serves as my donor, I can't have the MB...

    That doesn't even sound correct...but that's what I just got told via email.

    Why would this happen? It works fine for a year and a half, suddenly it can't work anymore?

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