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  1. Since I got the 540 (isn't that the 1st generation MB?)... I've had it outside, but under a carport.  I already have access to some Rohn tower sections...I just need something more able to withstand the elements.  Apparently there is a solution. It should be on the way...

    I've seen a difference in the upload ability of the MB gold and the 2nd gen.  Before I got the gold, I was able to get 12mbps down and 5mbps upload... but with the gold, I can't get hardly any upload at all. I'm hoping this will be solved by the outdoor solution (I'm sure it will be) 



    Without the magic box, I get nothing at all. I can put my phone in the same place where I have the MB and I get 1x800 and sometimes b26. Not every time, very odd. The box works, obviously, but how is the weird part.  Now that I'll be able to put it in a more outside area, I'm hoping I can get a much better option.

  2. This guy is quick to answer an email.  Some on S4GRU might know the fringe that I live in, but for those who dont, I live in an area that has (on the magic box) a signal of around -118 to -115 with an SINR of 3.0 to 5.0 (+)..


    I sent GJS an email at the email address he listed in the Q&A, and within 10 minutes he personally had replied. He was quick to give me another solution that still falls within the magic box ... I'm not sure if he would want me to disclose the exact details, but I'll now be able to place the MB outside and not have to worry about the elements.

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