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  1. Indeed, pretty sure band 41 hasn't been deployed on that tower yet, probably has to do with the backhaul like you mentioned.
  2. Yea small world man, the fastest I've seen from that tower is around 25mbs down and 9mbs up on band 25. Im extremely happy it was such a coincidence when i moved into our house that sprint tower was right around the corner lol.
  3. Im from pearland as well, The LTE Coverage here has vastly improved over the past 6 months. I wondered how long it would take them to get it going around 288. I live close to the Foodtown off 518 and very fortunate to be right in the middle of two towers. I did find it funny that im starting to connect to Band 26 over band 25 at my house, I would have close to -90DBM inside my house.
  4. Well after alittle digging I found out the Tower with the single set of antenna's on it is registered to New Cingular wireless and the tower with the mutiple antenna's is registered to T-Mobile. New Cingular is now AT&T eh ?
  5. I uploaded the new pics, I know there not as good as this guys, but its a start. You have any idea what the rest of these panels are Digi ?
  6. Here are some more that i took this morning, I forgot my Digital camera at home again so i took pictures by the fence, also notice there is another spot for a Monopole to be installed. That has been there for atleast 6+ months since i looked back there, im assuming Sprint had plans to be at this site or the managment company put it there with the intentions of leasing it out ? There is a AT&T sign on the fence, below that there is a Orange tube that has "T-Mobile Site Plans" on it so atleast T-Mobile and AT&T are on this site. Anyways, here are the pictures. I'll do my best to remember my camera tomorrow lol.
  7. Roger that, I donno why when i was viewing this video on SBASite.com i thought it was the other way around. Incase anybody novice wants to check it out, its a very nice overview video of how a Site is managed with alittle technical info as well. http://ir.sbasite.com/#
  8. Will do digi, but no way from my EVO LTE lol. I'll take some pictures tomorrow morning with my Canon.
  9. lol, looks pretty messes eh ? Im assuming the Red Lighting bolt drum thing is a Microwave backhaul ?
  10. I was under the impression that the higher the frequency the larger the panel ? If not, i stand corrected.
  11. I took a few pictures of two towers side by side near my work that i see every morning when I stop at the Valero, I believe the tower with the single set of panels is owned by T-Mobile and the tower with way to much stuff on it is owned by Clearwire. I believe what im looking at is T-Mobiles 4g HSPA+ Panels on the single tower. On the other tower Im completely lost. My question is one of these towers is slated to recieve LTE, My question is what should i look for when they start with the upgrades ? Also this tower is * for those who have access to the maps.
  12. Yes the Interactive map in the sponsor section is what im referring to when im trying to locate the tower. I'll start up a new post in the Sponsor forum for further advice.
  13. Indeed I have, also have up to date PRL. The connection is all kinds of weird. Another example is I work at Johnson space center off of 4th street and per the diagram in the sponsorship forum there is no live LTE tower near me I should be able to connect to, Yet Im connecting to a tower that is supposely onsite that I have physically searched for and haven't found. Its almost like my building has an antenna on top of it that I don't know about lol.
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