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  1. Yes you did. I will probably stick with the g2 for the price and the battery life. I like to play with roms but don't really have the time any more with school,work,and family. Would love to throw down the cash for the flex but i think i will wait for the next generation of flexy phones before i own one. The unknown is fun but not when i depend on it like i do. Thanks all.
  2. So did they fix some of the issues with the radios or software of the G2? I believe they had an article a while back on the main wall about it. Here Circuit Switched Fallback I believe is what they called what they were incompatible with.
  3. Okay here is the deal. I am due for an upgrade and I have had my eye on the G2 to replace my OG. So I would like all opinions. I like my LGOG but the keyboard has been horrible at predictions and really horrible at auto correct. Are these things better on the G2 or the Flex or did you just end up purchasing Swype anyway. The G2 is cheap and the Flex is not bad either but for $40 more than the Flex I can get a Note3. Is the Flex worth the price you are paying Vs the G2 or the Note3? Any help would be highly appreciated. Thank you Andrew
  4. I had the same issue. I bought an LG Optimus G and sold the evo for $160 on ebay. I bought the LGOG for $10 more so it wasn't bad but I was really frustrated that Sprint wouldn't even offer me a different phone even though I have the protection plan to the hilt. I still say that the EVO isn't a bad phone it just has a bad LTE radio or something. Now that being said I have had my LGOG for over a month now and as LTE has been growing in The Lou area I have been enjoying LTE all over the place. I am picking up LTE in places that have had LTE but the EVO never even would pick it up even when I cycled it into airplane mode and back. I guess the LTE signal just wasn't strong enough don't know. I did a few tests with the EVO just before I activated the LG and even in the strongest places in St. Louis it may detect it but two or three minutes and it would go right back to EVDO. Airport was where I had the most issue with even discovering LTE. Two days later after activating the LG did the same tests and everytime I was in an area listed by sensorly (even some that weren't) I had LTE and decent service. I love HTC but I have found that my wife's HTC One is still displaying some radio issues when on LTE. It takes it almost twice the amount of time that my LG takes to acquire and sometimes I have to put it in airplane mode to find it. Don't know if it is the programmers at HTC or if it is just me. I think it is probably just me though. I am the destroyer of all technology. I have been pulling close to 20mbs down in some places but on average about 12mbs. I can't complain at all because everytime I go to the city now I have LTE and I know that when I use sensorly to track the different sites I notice that I am in an area that previously didn't have LTE service and new sites are coming online. It is much easier to track now that I know the phone actually gets on to the LTE network properly and I no longer have the frustration of paying for a service that my phone didn't seem to enjoy being on.
  5. Agreed. So I really only have two options (If I want my phone to work on LTE). Pay the almost $300 plus phone cost for early upgrade and miss out on my Feb upgrade(in the chance that a really nice phone comes out by then I don't like this option) or buy a phone off of ebay and pray to God that it has a clean ESN and that the phone functions till Feb when my renewal is up. Sounds like a lose, lose for me. Just saying.
  6. Pretty sure I read that somewhere but didn't realize what it was referring to exactly. So what is the best way to actually test how strong the signal is for LTE? I would like something to support the signal strength theory and I would feel much more at ease with the situation if this is truly the case. I'm not saying you aren't correct but from the standpoint on sensorly the DAL/FW airport has some pretty strong LTE from Sprint. Check it out here. Either way it doesn't make sense for them not to fix the issue if it is sofware related but if it requires a complete rebuild of the phone then I can see where that would be an issue. My main issue is that Sprint knows about the problem and yet still continues to sell this phone and also refuses to acknowledge that it's messed up. The other bolded Item above. What updates would those have been? The software, Firmware, PRL? I have the most updated of everything and it hasn't gotten any better at all. In fact I would say it is worse because when I first received my EVO I was on orders training on the outskirts of KC and my evo was picking up towers that couldn't even be seen but I had LTE and I was pulling down almost 16Mb/s(megabits/sec) Either way the problem still exists and nobody seems to really care except those that own the phone and those trying to help us (which is not Sprint nor is it HTC) figure out what the issue is. Please don't take these paragraphs as negative or disgruntled. They are not meant as such even if they have a negative tone to them. I am just voicing my experiences and concerns about what most EVO owners have come to realize. Now that is enough of the negatives. I want to end on a better note than before because I feel that the phone itself is for the most part a great phone that like any other phone out there has issues that won't be addressed until the next gen phones(ex. the HTC ONE). From my experience the new HTC phone corrects the issues like a champ and my wife loves the phone. The only thing I have to figure out now is at what point in the night I can switch hers with mine without her knowing. JK lol.
  7. The phone will not detect or connect(one of the two or both not sure) to LTE. Even when I do the airplane mode on and then off it doesn't find LTE no matter where I am. Here is St. Louis there is LTE by the airport. I took my EVO and my wife's One and the One had zero issues connecting with 4bars of LTE goodness while my EVO had three bars of EVDO. Now I took a trip for Uncle Sam to Utah and I had a layover at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport and my EVO Blipped LTE for about twenty seconds and it never picked it up again. those are the issues I have. So soon when my tower across the street gets worked on and I have LTE at that tower my phone will still be on 3G and not LTE. You can see why I wouldn't be happy about it. I just want a fair chance to make it right thats all.
  8. I tried last night and they told me that I would have to pay $275 for the early upgrade and that I would also have to pay for the phone. so that was $374 for a GS3 minus $83 for the trade in even though it isn't really an upgrade. I am calling sprint today to voice my concerns. I have been with sprint for 9 years and have waited through the fiascos and the breakthroughs. I have been a loyal customer and now that this phone has no LTE capabilities they want to stick it to me. I don't think this is how you keep customers. I love Sprint but it is like when your kids do really bad stuff you tell them, "I will always love you but right now I don't like you." haha. Any suggestions?
  9. Picked Up LTE At LamberT Airport For roughly An Hour. Then No LTE. Same Down HereAt Edge. now I Know What I Must Do. Sell The EVo And Get Something Different. Everything The Forums Say About The EVo And LTE Is 100% Frustrating. Then There Is This SillyIssue With The Text That Capitalizes Every Thing I Type. funny
  10. I just want them to say "really slow", "slow", and "Wow Mamba Jamba".
  11. Thank you for all the help. Mine eyes have seen the glory.
  12. Sent $10 for now. Will have to re-negotiate with the accountant to see if I can give more.
  13. I am sure some KFC would not make it through the mail. Can you have that delivered? I may have to call KFC and have it delivered.
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