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  1. I got some awesome speeds down in the Davie/Hollywood/Pembroke Pines area on my LG G2. I didn't look at the bands at the time though. I usually average anywhere from 20-25mbps in real time usage, but these peak speeds are awesome! Another note, I've been a Sprint user since the beginning and have had very few calls dropped over that entire time. Data connectivity may not be great, but as a cell phone service I have been absolutely happy. I guess I just have good luck?
  2. Hi All! Been following the forums ever since I got my G2 in November, and I must say the most informative stuff comes from you guys here so thanks for the constant updates! FYI I flashed the ZVA update while rooted (on stock) using the Flashify app and it turned out perfect. Just had to re-root using the updated ioroot21 after the update disabled the old root. I'm getting averages into the upper 20mbps download with peaks around 55mbps on multiple tests.The fact that pretty much all of South Florida has Spark coverage, bodes well for all of us down here. I can't think of any way the G2 could get better from here on!
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