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  1. More people should call retention instead of complaining about how poorly Sprint handled new customers compared to existing customers with this new plan. As soon as I called to inquire about the etf/phone lease cancellation fees they handed me off to (what I assume) was a more senior member that worked with me quite well. Three My Way lines at ~$210 (not including two lines with phone leases) a month are being moved to the new plan for ~$115 (not including phone leases, $5 dollar credit per line for auto pay). So it's a move from a plan with limits, to a plan with similar limits and more b
  2. This is your only option at the moment, normally there is one specific user on XDA that makes flashable zips of the radios. However I believe he's on a 6p at the moment.
  3. Flash the old radio, that's the beauty of a Nexus device .
  4. You have to find a current apk and then you can manually install it. Personally I think a stand alone app for this would go over better to the general public. Although on a tangent, device and os version should be an field you can add.
  5. Well with the supposed doing away of the spinning spark symbol they're going to need some way of differentiating. Perhaps a simple color change from white to red/orange for the respective symbol when you're roaming. Or if they do LTE for b25/26 and LTE + for b41 they could use LTE r for roaming. However they decide to do it, I really believe it needs to be idiot proof and nigh impossible to mistake for something else. Otherwise we all know how it's going to go..
  6. Damn it! I searched and didn't find a thread...I should've made one :/.... There goes my easy chance for karma. Wait this isn't reddit [emoji14]
  7. Anyone else see the US cellular updated coverage map? Lots of LTE roaming added to it, and it looks suspiciously like Sprints map from what I can tell/what I'm seeing. Are Marcelo and the team giving us US Cellular roaming/peusedo native coverage for Christmas .
  8. You're intermixing how IOS devices and Android devices handle things. Signalcheck cannot show both at the same time properly because it's not possible. The sole reason 1X data is showing while LTE data is showing currently is due to a change in Android 5.0+ that is causing it to report false information or causing stale information to hang around.
  9. He meant front page of S4GRU, there's an article essentially breaking down the phone and the most importantly, the signal strength. A lot of the information here isn't readily available from Sprint, that's one of the main purposes behind S4GRU's existence. You can donate to achieve a sponsor level status to gain access to more information (this is how the site stays alive ) such as tower maps. Here's a link to the note 5 article, the general consensus is that this batch of Samsung phones are not the greatest RF performers. http://s4gru.com/index.php?/blog/1/entry-393-even-more-guardians-of-
  10. Seems to scratch pretty easily, especially the Graphite color. The 'bending' was already debunked however, to paraphrase the post I'll link below, he pre-broke the glass which made bending the aluminum body of the phone quite a bit easier. https://www.reddit.com/r/Nexus6P/comments/3qtuaj/nexus_6p_does_not_bend/ edit: Further down someone points out discrepancies between the phone he used and retail phones. It's suspected he's using pre-production phone and also apparently goes through the effort to structurally weaken them beforehand. Other than the obvious 'it's aluminum, it's going to sc
  11. There are massive amounts of maps for just about (if not every market) on S4GRU, feel free to support the site and upgrade your membership level (not sure if you've been a sponsor in the past or not). Maps for b26 should be Premier Sponsor level access unless it's changed. The most you can get without having access yourself is a 'yes there's b26 in your market' which is pretty much what Sprint will tell you, although information here tends to be a bit better. Other than that, to the best of my knowledge, there isn't some special method for phones to just 'know' what signals are in the area u
  12. Signalcheck lite/pro or engineering screens can tell you what band you're connected to. Otherwise you can look at the b26 maps in your area (if you're a premier sponsor, or crappatalk so cannot tell xD).
  13. Well I have streamed Pandora on a 56kb/s 1x connection, so 128kb/s would be plenty and I probably should've clarified a little bit better. I was wondering if it has been stated if it's going to be throttled LTE or if you will be locked to Evdo/Ehrpd or 1x?
  14. The real question is how will the pings be? 128kbs is good enough for 99% of the crap most of us use a phone for, if the pings are fine.
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