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  1. very ambitious. fantastic design, though. RT @theneener: Weirded out http://t.co/1ogTH6ev

  2. "Head Chef" on the other hand, is a terrible title. RT @altonbrown: http://t.co/shipLO50

  3. True story: my dachshund's favorite treat is frozen broccoli. RT @altonbrown: http://t.co/ufGf1E1C

  4. Walked in to the office with Gangnam Style blaring from a coworker's computer.

  5. As soon as Sprint announced they were working on Austin, I did a speed test and am now averaging >700kbps. In fact, the last one I ran was 1.14 Mbps. This from 181 Kbps before. Big boost. Still waiting for the day that I get my first LTE signal.
  6. Lubbock Street Rivers? RT @TexasTech: April showers bring May flowers but what do #Raiderland showers bring http://t.co/cS1IeGsF

  7. Needs more women's volleyball RT @ChrisLevel: #TexasTech fans ultimately win

  8. LOST! RT @cmaggard: #firstworldproblem AppleTV skips to the next episode, so when I do it too I miss an episode and get lost

  9. Seems like a bunch of us live in that area. I live right up the hill from the tower site. Already seeing > 3x the speeds: a 3g speed test gives me 700 kbps where before I was getting 180ish, and I'm sitting at work about 2.5 miles from that tower.
  10. If I had to pick anything to be added to the menu @ChiLantroBBQ it'd be between the Seoul Cheesesteak and the Braised Short Rib Sliders

  11. .@ChiLantroBBQ run today, I am excite

  12. Trying to figure out how to boycott viacom while still watching @StephenAtHome and The Daily Show. Tough situation.

  13. uhhhhh how long you going to have this? Can't make it today so... RT @ChiLantroBBQ http://t.co/rmi18e06

  14. at least you haven't lost it yet RT @Angelmage: I am pretty conflicted at the moment #lotsonmymind

  15. Ha, well, that settles it: ESPN picked the game up only to put it on LHN. RT @RedRaiderSports: #TexasTech against Texas State on ESPN3

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