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  1. hmmmm is that sarcasm? At any rate I already had the auto space feature selected....it works for text messages,it's only when I'm on webpages that it does this. Also I can't imagine a smartphone in 2014 that's DESIGNED not to allow you to use the internet while on the phone.
  2. Sorry I don't see an edit button. The phone freezes when I swipe to unlock it. I can't use data and internet at the same time. I read issues about the LG g2 having LTE issues but I'm not sure what that means. My previous phone didn't have issues with Swype not spacing properly.
  3. Hello! I'm new to Sprint and I'm having some issues with my LG G2. I was hoping someone could assist me with it. 1. My most urgent problem is the constant powercycling. If the screen is locked and I unlock it, oftentimes it powercycles once or twice before I can actually use the phone. It's not the issue with the proximity sensor being covered (that's totally separate). It's just when I Swype to unlock the phone. 2. I can't use the internet when I'm on the phone. I can't believe it and it's really disappointing that it's doing this. 3. My Swype doesn't automatically space between words when I'm on the internet. If I don't actually touch the space bar, then allmywritinglookslikethis. Mypreciousphonespacedbetweenwords. I'mnotsureifthisisasettingbutIneedhelpplease!
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