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  1. how does one return a magic box? I cancelled my sprint service about a month ago and haven't heard anything from them about returning it. I also emailed booster@sprint.com a few weeks ago asking how to return it, but so far haven't heard anything back
  2. I think you are on to something. I got more info from a csr and was told that it was already unlocked, and after more research it seems as though if this device (or maybe all sprint devices?) was bought on an 18 month lease/finance the device will be shown on the original account for (seemingly) the entire length of the original 18 month lease/finance, regardless of whether it was paid off early and sold/activated on a new account... so for the initial 18 months, it appears the only one that can request an unlock is the original owner... and in addition to this if a sprint device WAS unlocke
  3. I bought a used essential phone off ebay. Clean esn as far as I could tell at the time of purchase. I activated it on sprint via byod. Then I did a request to uicc unlocked, and I gave my account info.... however they said it could not be done and to contact the previous owner. I asked why it could not be unlocked and was told that they could not say why, but to contact the previous owner to request an unlock... is this normal procedure by sprint? I mean, i *DID* activate it on *MY* account, so from that point on I figured that *I* was the owner of the phone.. now I am not sure what
  4. do you want me to pm you the address? or just the zip code would suffice?
  5. you called or someone called you? I'm trying to figure out the status of my order i put in a few months ago.
  6. ok, this is strange. i went to the magic box landing page, and re-filled the address to see if i was available to get one. it came back negative! and there was a button you could click as to why, but all it did was lead back to the original page so this is very confusing to me b/c months ago i was able to sign up for one at the same address... but i wonder now if this means my request was cancelled for some reason. As far as I know, my order status has always been unknown to me (never got a declined or cancelled message from them)
  7. back in july i requested one of these. at the time i got an email with " Please visit sprint.com/magicboxupdates for the latest status on Magic Box eligibility and shipments. " but when i click on the link it just has some generic info about the magic box. is there some way to check the request status online?
  8. I want to start off by saying I really don't know much about this stuff... but other than Sprint customers, what exactly would tmobile get from this merger? Is that high band sprint spectrum really desirable? for example say they merge with Dish instead... tmobile could double their midband and add 22mhz more to their low band (vs just 14 with sprint). I'm just not sure about being saddled with tens of billions in debt via sprint would be worth it. sprint coverage is almost the same as tmobile so merging with Sprint would not expand their coverage very much vs what it is now...
  9. unfortunately I won't be back to the other location for a while, so I'm unable to check for another week or so. In the meantime I was trying to locate the sprint towers in the area. I'm 99% positive they're south of the location (probably at least a couple miles and with lots of trees between it). I can't seem to find a site that can tell me the locations of the cell towers though. I tried rootmetrics, opensignal, sensorly, cellreception, antennasearch etc. The best result I had was with antennasearch, but all the towers in the surrounding area had "tower not registered" messages, so they cou
  10. this is the thing though, the 803s only has internal antennas, the 6100d has 2 external (although I think only one is used for cell reception). In theory it *should* get a stronger signal compared to the old 803s... but it doesn't. In fact, it can't get any signal. Both were set to LTE only, and I placed the 6100D in the same location as the 803s... well as close as I could, since the 6100d is so massive compared to the 803s. I'm at a loss how or why the 6100D can't get -any- connection at all. I even unscrewed the plastic enclosure and looked inside to make sure the antenna wires were connec
  11. months later and happyguy still isn't very happy with this thing. here is the most recent development location 1: I have a very old 803s device up and running location 2: 6100d up and running (albeit slowly for a supposed sprint spark device) yesterday I decide to move the 6100d to the 803s location... no service. In the router settings the status shows: "Data disconnected." Pressing "Connect" does nothing. took the 6100d back to original location and it works. conclusion: this thing is just a piece of junk
  12. I came across something a while back but forgot what it was called. There was something about this on the sprint website, but can't seem to find it anymore. I guess it is for small, independent cell companies that want to use the sprint network and phones, but want them to be unbranded. Sorry this is so vague, but I don't remember specifics It wasn't "Custom Branded Device Program" it had a catchier name, like grasshopper, but not sure. .
  13. Ultimately I wonder if anyone might have suggestions on how to make this device perform better/faster. I don't like how for a sprint spark device, this thing is pretty mediocre. For example i have an old 803s hotspot (which wasn't even sprint spark capable) and would typically on average get 5Mbs up/down, yet with the 6100D I would get under 1Mbs literally right next to the 803s. I have a sprint tower about a mile or a mile and a half away... so the distance shouldn't be a problem, also since the 6100D has external antennas, it should get better reception compared to my 803s (yet the 610
  14. I mentioned neverstop in another forum and immediately started getting flack. For example comments were made that it could not possibly be unlimited and was only a matter of time before they started to throttle people @ 128kbs after an arbritray amount of high speed data was used. I wrote to karma asking, and they said it would never be throttled, but then i asked what if a person used 30gb a month, and haven't gotten a reply back on that question. on a side note, does karma only use sprint native coverage? I'm assuining yes, but want to make sure
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