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  1. What actually happens technically when there is congestion on FDD and TDD and what happens to users data and speeds. What I'm looking for is tech details not personal anecdotes. Anyone have any links?
  2. newyorker

    Top 5% being throttled starting 6/1

    The impression I get from reading this thread is that Sprint's network is like an apple pie and what people call "data abusers' take a large piece of the pie and there's not enough for everyone else to eat except the pie magically becomes a whole pie again late. Seriously though can someone point me to a link that explains the technical details of what exactly happens during congestion on a TDD cell site and an FDD? And no saying it's just like what happens in a wired connection is not what I'm looking for.
  3. So the Sprint hotspots like the Netgear Zing doesn't support CA?
  4. CA on a handset is not that useful. On a hotspot would be better where you need to DL and UL huge files on laptops.
  5. Well the answer is that there is congestion because the wireless service is mismanaged and there is a lack of vision and creative solutions with both Sprint and competitiors. You say everybody would try to abuse the service? Well not everybody has the same needs and not everybody uses the internet the same way. Remember a the are a cell tower services is small. Not everyones wants to use the highway or drive 24/7 and at 100mph. Solutions like different speed tiers, priority tiers for video and voice data LTE, discounts for off-peak usage, etc. So the problem is not the customers but the lack of vision of the providers.
  6. Here's an analogy. Most people work 9am to 5pm in NYC therefore when it's 5 or 6pm houdreds of thousand and millions of people all at the same time try to use public transportation and the roads. By analogy to wireless broadband you can say those people are abusing the transportation systems. But that's not really the problem. I'll leave as an excercise to see if you can guess what the real problem is.
  7. That's what many people think and probably what many companies honestly think but that doesn't actually make good business sense. I wish people would stop blaming users and stop calling it abuse cause it's not. With a finite resource such as a limited wireless bandwidth in a given cell area the way you reduce congestion is give customers a discount when data underutilized and charge a higher rate when congestion is high not uniform metered rates.
  8. Well then does anyone know what exactly is the theoretical capacity of 1 cell site on band 41 in a city like NYC? Much of the sites are obstructed by buildings everywhere. I don't know the density of Sprint sites but they need a lot of them to get through to people, And I'm not suggesting home routers but just unlimited hotspot service probably set to prioritize band 41. I actually have unlimited service right now and hardly ever use more than 60GB a month on either Sprint or Clear.
  9. So Robert what you're saying is we have to tether our phones to get unlimited LTE for our home devices right? (I'm kidding) But seriously I doubt the burden from high speed unlimited LTE would be high if they did it right. If almost each cell tower in a city connected to fiber there would hardly be any burden on the backhaul. Not an expert and don't know if that's the way it's done now in some cities but is that possible and am I correct that it would't be a burden?
  10. I saw their comments but I thought Clear was building the LTE sites under contract for Sprint not to be used for the Clear brand service.
  11. That was my original point, i.e. that the Zing firmware wouldn't offer choices that weren't either LTE or HSPA hence I assumed that the "CLEAR 4G" choice must be LTE.
  12. The Clear Wimax service uses 10 MHz of bandwidth iirc. Are you saying in all the 194 MHz that Sprint now owns that the Netgear Zing can access any of those frequencies (which I assume will be 20 MHz wide)?
  13. Thanks for your views but that is a network selection option on LTE. Neither of your answers explains why it's an option. The radios are broadcasting it as a network.
  14. On my Netgear Zing when I scan for available netwotks manually "CLEAR 4G" comes up as an optipn to select. Is Clear going to offer it's customers the option of seitching to LTE?