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  1. daphantoms

    November 17, 2013 Severe Weather Outbreak

    Just wanted to post some pictures of Washington il, thankfully everyone is ok
  2. Washington il is fully covered in 4g now i've been getting about 2 to 3 bars in my house now my speeds are running around 15mbps to 20 mpbs now my sprint phone rocks
  3. Good afternoon everyone, just thought I would let you all know that tmobile is getting LTE here in central Illinois before sprint my daughters phone was showing a lte signal today around my house and my sprint phone still nothing I maybe going to tmobile at least my 3g speeds are a little better now since they but the new NV equipment in im getting between 1mbps to 1.5 now instead of 20kbps
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  5. daphantoms

    Current & Coming Soon Sprint Communities - LTE Status

    Here's the pictures hopely you guys can see them took them on my phone today since I was in the area
  6. daphantoms

    Current & Coming Soon Sprint Communities - LTE Status

    Went pass the tower today and there putting nv panels in I'll get some picture whenever Washington police clear the area
  7. daphantoms

    Current & Coming Soon Sprint Communities - LTE Status

    I hope peoria area gets better Robert did you hear anything about this area yet i do have a update on a tower in washington il on cummins lane they ran a cable into the port area nothing hooked up yet though
  8. just turn airplane mode off and on it should beable to find it again i have a galaxy nexus and it does it all the time when i'm at work and that trick works for me don't know where your at but i'm in central illinois and i get better speed on evdo a which i connect too all the time
  9. daphantoms

    Sprint to buy spectrum, customers from USCC

    Does the buyout effect Peoria/ Washington IL area map isn't too clear on what areas? I hope it does US Cellular around my area is good
  10. maybe this might be a sign of 4g LTE around the central illinois area my service started dropping calls within the last week and i called sprint about it and talked to a tech. which then transfered me to his manager (just like they do all the time) but the manager said that he was sorry about all the network problems i was having and told me that there are doing some work on a few towers in the Peoria/Washington area due to the network vision updates, don't know if he feeding me a line of bull**** but they did issue me a 30 dollar credit on my bill until December and a free repeater, then he said you will love the new service when they get it online, so i hoping this tech isn't lying to me but i'm not gonna hold my breath because sprint has lied to me in the past
  11. daphantoms

    Any LTE towers around Peoria IL area

    anyone know if sprint is working on LTE around the Peoria IL area. Sprint 3g data speeds are bad around East Peoria and Washington IL area speed test show'ed on a 15-40kbps download rate upload rate was good though it went from 97kbps to 175kbps