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  1. I have been using the built in service/setting on my Galaxy S7. Phone -> More -> Settings -> "Identify spam numbers". http://www.samsung.com/global/galaxy/apps/smart-call/ http://www.androidcentral.com/galaxy-s7-dialer-integrates-whitepages-database-identify-callers-prevent-scam-calls
  2. Yes, What phone does she have? Where in Martin relative to US-131 and M-222? There is a tower along US131 southeast of the drag-strip and then one just of south of Shelbyville east of Miller Lake. As a member check out the Network Vision Site Map - Michigan Markets map.
  3. As should Climax here in Michigan....with Hell, just past I69. (There used to be a sign on I94 which proudly announced that Climax was just a mile away. Eventually, the sign was getting stolen so often they stopped replacing it. So now you have to settle for a plain "Climax" exit sign with the arrow pointing to the upper right.) Then over in Detroit, they have Exit 69 (of I75) being Big Beaver Rd. And I get my landline/Internet from CTS....Climax Telephone System....which of course is based on Climax. Can you image the phone sex that goes on over their hardware?
  4. Man do I now know the pain that our friends in the IBEZ are feeling. I was at Kinawa Middle School (Okemos) earlier today for a volleyball tournament. In the greater Kalamazoo area, with 800 CDMA and 800 LTE I don't have to worry about my phone burning battery searching for signal, but I was in the gym for a few hours (8:30-1:30) and it burned down from 100% to 20-something-ish and keep getting data roaming warnings. I didn't have time to pay much attention to SCP to see what kind of signal I was getting and from where, but I am sure some 800 lovin' would have helped.
  5. The first site to get it will be Mackinac Island.... so the people that want to get away to the island where cars are prohibited and transportation is by bicycle and horse drawn carriage can make instant posts to their facebook/instragram account of the pile of horse crap in the middle of the street.
  6. What phone do you have? Your profile says Galaxy S3. If that is true, you won't get LTE on band 41. You will get voice on 800 (B26) and 1900 (B25), 3G data on 1900 (B25) and LTE on 1900 (B25). (And I I guess you could say you could get 1x data on 800, but we won't go there. If you are on a different phone and I missed that up thread, then disregard what I just said. Yes!! What he said.
  7. I somewhat feel your pain. I know there a bizillon other reasons, but you would think that being a college town would get a few bonus points in the schedule. (Insert REAL reasons why sites are upgraded in the order they are upgraded.) I am kind of coming from the Microsoft/Apple vendor lock-in that happens in K-12 through higher-ed. (Get students to use MS/A software in school and they will want it as employees after graduation...and companies want people familiar with MS/A software so schools teach/use it. It is a hard circle to break.) If a student comes to school with a phone on a parent's plan and gets crappy service a good number will move to providers that provide better service at school. They will then stay with that provider for a long time after graduation. If they get good service, they will stay and probably bring some of their friends over from the "poor" carriers. In my case, there is one site in Kalamazoo that has NV 1.0 equipment installed and has been accepted for 3G/800 for close to a year. (Moderators...I think that I can say that, if it is premier info, please edit post accordingly.) All of the other towers in town except for one other (a high power line tower site) have been upgraded with LTE. The first site is right on Western Michigan University’s main campus with 25,000 students. So students get decent to great LTE (800/1900/2500) around town, but campus is fringe coverage. Luckily Wi-Fi on campus is pretty good. Now if you were to upgrade to premier membership here, you could take a look at some information that is better than what the CS cronies want to tell you.
  8. Picked up 4 Galaxy S5 for $0.96 each last Saturday (22-Nov) from Sam's Club. Showed up at about 6:45 AM (store opened at 7) - third in line, got our tickets, went had breakfast, came back and activated them. Done by 8:30. Did some on-line purchases yesterday while helping cook in the morning, then a couple of other orders during the day. Finally a few orders on-line this morning. About 90% done.
  9. Another site to watch for Black Friday sales is http://bfads.net
  10. Don't forget Kalamazoo and Battle Creek population numbers in your count as well. (Based on the map linked up thread, I think those cities are included in the GR/Muskegon BEA.) Even though I saw AJ's response, it does seem that BEA062 (GR) is more per POP than BEA065 (Elkhart/Goshen) or BEA066 (Fort Wayne). Maybe the west side of Michigan is getting more populous that I realize.
  11. I wanted to add/activate a 5th line to my legacy Everything Data 1500 Shared plan. This was going to be a new line/number on a LG Remarq (non-smart PCS only slider). I was willing to pay the additional$19.99, but Sprint keep requiring a two-year contract. They keep referring to that the Term and Conditions which said I had to have a contract. I did find one section that agreed to their claim, but I also keep reading terms like "If you agree to maintain service for a minimum Term". But, I didn't want to agree to a minimum term...I wanted month-to-month for this line....well eventually when I asked a question, I just heard crickets followed by the connection being dropped. I went to Ting, created an account, activated/added the account, reset the phone and was up an running in probably 30 minutes. The long part was finding the correct help document on how to reset/activate the phone as they seem to be geared to newer smart phones. I set data usage for this phone to zero. Created a notification when the line gets to 75 minutes. Installed and linked up the account their Ting app on two Sprint phones so the phone usage can be watched in near real-time (about 15 minute delay). We are only about half-way into the first month, but so far extremely happy. I tried to give Sprint another 20 bucks a month, but they wouldn't take my money........
  12. Two things I still miss with the current version: 1) data point collection counter on the mapping map. 2) Satellite view. I hope that both of those make it back in. I don't know if they could do it, but I think it would be really cool if there was a way for a "show my device coverage" map. They would take the device the app is running on, know what bands it supports and then show a voice coverage map or a data coverage map for the bands it supports. If the device is unknown (in their database), they would drop back to the current style maps. For most normal people that is what they want to see.....What the coverage is for their current device. (If they could let you choose your carrier and device for comparison purposes, they would get major bonus points!) People don't care or understand PCS voice, SMR voice, CDMA 1xRTT, 850 CDMA, 1900 LTE, 800 LTE, 2500 LTE, Band 25, Band 1, Band 41, etc. They know they have a iPhone 5c, Galaxy S4, Note 2, Nexxus 5, some flip phone or slider and want to see its coverage. I know for most of us this suggestion still wouldn't be perfect as different phones have different RF properties, but it would get us pretty close. My idea is pretty far out of this world as the data required to make it work, number of devices to track, and other stuff make it almost impossible.
  13. There is this town that shares a name with one of the great lakes.....what is it, oh yeah, Erie, PA. Not sure of the islands west of Sandusky, but I think PA might be closer to Canada than OH.
  14. Forgot to put my phone on the charger last night and it died. As I was driving to work this AM, but in on the car changer and turned it on.....what did it find....1x800 in Kalamazoo! At the next stop light, took a look at SignalCheck Pro and saw a 208 NID, 22410 SID and a BID of 20945 (0x51D1). Also fired up Netmonitor and decided to take the long way into work on the near west side of Kalamazoo (around WMU campus). This caused me to track at least 4 towers....all with 1x800. Didn't find any new LTE though. More info coming over in the Michigan Map Thread. It is going to make waiting for Robert to update the acceptance report/map hard this week.
  15. I just read that when I found the Sensorly beta test thread.
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