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  1. So with the COWs along with the regular cell coverage for this area on Lakeshore Dr, how would Sprint have handled the interference of the extra LTE/CDMA signals right in the same area? .... ... noting that LTE/CDMA are single frequency technologies with a frequency reuse factor of 1 which requires carefully managing adjacent overlap areas to minimize interference so as to not significantly impact capacity.
  2. Thanks for the info. Does 1X use less battery? I would think less decode processing and hence battery use is involved with an older technology. Also 800 MHz may use less transmit power required compared to EVDO/LTE on 1900 MHz .... yes/no?
  3. I just started listening to a streaming station 32 kpbs (AAC+ quality) and in the 1 or 2 hours that I have done this, I find I have less drops if I set my phone to "CDMA only" aka 1X in the Chicago suburbs. Does this strategy have merit? Are there pros and cons with this from a Sprint perspective? I would think that because nearly all phones nowadays are getting their data from 3G and 4G in non-rural areas, that 1X data has relatively few users. Advantage: Possibly more consistent coverage, with access to both the 1X 800 MHz (band 26) and the 1X 1900 bands albeit slower without needing to upgrade my phone. Possibly lower battery use. Less likely to use up my data allowance by a rouge application as the max data speed is capped. Does the available 1X data bandwidth on a channel depend on how many voice circuits are in use on the CDMA 1X Adv 1.25 MHz channel? Also will 1X data automatically hand off to the least congested available 1X channel? I welcome your input. Thanks, Brian
  4. Thanks for the DL/UL numbers. If 3 or 4 airplane toggles don't show it, 2nd carrier is not likely enabled yet. Hopefully Sprint is trying to target the high traffic sites first with the 2nd carrier on band 25 as most still don't have access to the other LTE bands. The tower I'm near is nearly always fast but that may not be the case this week when we have our Lisle Balloon Fest. Pity Sprint didn't have the 2nd band 25 LTE carrier in, in time for the annual PC Mag speed comparison. That's what Joe Public will read to pick his provider.
  5. I always see UL channel as 26665 and DL as 8665, but the 2nd could be lit up and maybe it's a 50/50 chance it may tune to the 2nd. If I keep going back and forth to Airplane mode is there a good chance I'll see those channels change if the site does have the 2nd carrier.
  6. As a workaround I guess I can pull out the good old spectrum analyzer every now and again. As of 4 weeks ago in the tower near me in Lisle neither the band 26 LTE nor the 2nd LTE on the band 25 were lit up. Does anyone know a procedure on the Android Engineering Debug LTE screen or otherwise, to determine if the 2nd LTE on band 25 is active. It would be far more convenient than the spectrum analyzer.
  7. Is there an Android app that can show GCI info. and hence I'll be able to see if the 2nd band 25 LTE carrier is deployed? Signal Check Pro does not support GCI info display with Moto X yet.
  8. But is the secondary band 25 carrier from this site or do you think it's a farther away site (lower signal)? Also do you know if they are typcially adding both the 2nd PCS LTE carrier and the band 26 LTE carrier at the same site visit? Thanks, Brian
  9. Here's another Feb 6th vs June 6th spectrum comparison in the PCS band. This is 1945 to 1970 MHz. Not too much different, but I note some change in the 1955 to 1960 MHz region since Feb. Not sure if it's another Sprint tower/sector nearby or that they haven't adjusted downtilt, I'm 900m from tower. Hopefully in the next few months I'll see the extra 5X5 LTE carrier both on band 25 and band 26 and perhaps some extra CDMA thrown in on the 25 band, they have room. This tower is in the center of a high tech region of the western suburbs so there should be no excuses on delaying maximizing air-link capacity on all bands at this site. Now June 6th 2014 1945 to 1970 MHz Previous Feb 6th 2014 1945 to 1970 MHz
  10. Here's a picture of how the 800 MHz spectrum has changed in my neck of the woods since my Feb 6th post #3560 on this topic. 850 to 890 MHz
  11. So the Band Priority is 41>25>26 when all signals have good signal, right? So when the signal is non-existent on 41, marginal on 25 (< 0.5 Mbps), and great signal on 26, will you get 26, or will it stay on 25 right down to dial-up speeds, and then switch you to 26, assuming air-link capacity is not the issue? Also once all bands (esp. 26) are switched on at all sites, should one expect near zero dropouts due to insufficient signal and perhaps near zero <dial-up speed events due to load balancing between the bands. I think the 2nd 5X5 PCS LTE carrier (on former USCC spectrum) is the one that will have the biggest positive initial impact on the typical user with their existing device, but I'm not sure if that's the first priority for Sprint or is it better to have have short-term pain and long-term gain, although their short-term pain is going on for how many years now?
  12. Maybe I was getting the LTE from the tower nearer Sycamore.
  13. It's a consistent failed handoff though day after day and tracing back the BSID, it is connected to the correct sector on the nearest Sprint tower. I am in search of the cause and the other operator site was for me the first thing to suspect. So if it is a bad handoff what would cause a consistent bad hand off?
  14. Like clockwork the data dropped as I was passing the 2 "other cell company" towers on my way home yesterday. Here's the SignalCheck screenshot. SNR was 7 dB so I don't know if that takes into account adj channel swamping. Now as I understand CDMA EV-DO has elements of spread spectrum technology so I would have just expected a data slow down, but bad enough to thwart a 40 kbps stream?..... not sure what's going on. Here's a pic of one of the other company cell towers as I pass it.
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