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  1. Double confirmed. I live near the I-5 off of Regents/Arriba and 4G is now dead.
  2. i might have fixed the mapping issue! I replaced all references to the custom ROM in the eri.xml file back to Sprint. Now my apartment has a nice purple dot right over it isolated from the rest of the purple spots.
  3. OK, I just edited my eri.xml file to change all references for the carrier to Sprint. Hopefully that fixes it???
  4. well that explains it. sigh... i really like my ROM though...
  5. I'll give it a shot when I get off work
  6. then why hasn't the area around my house at least showed up on the map? It's not even registering as a tiny blip.
  7. Man, I'm so confused then. How many "points" does it take to register? Here's a screenshot I took after just 4 minutes of map trip just inside my house. Previous trips where I actually ride around town yield hundreds. The Sensorly app's home page says I've collected 2776 measurements... Now only some of those include LTE points but still! Anyways... Still getting very strong LTE signal right inside my house. A few minute drive in any direction switches me over to 3G. I guess I'm really lucky! It's about as fast as my wi-fi through AT&T U-Verse's DSL and 10 times as fast as my girlfriend's DSL.
  8. Ok, I've done the map trip for several minutes and gotten quite a few LTE points. Why isn't the coverage map updating?
  9. I'll have sensorly on as I ride my motorcycle to a dr. appointment a bit northeast of north torrey pines
  10. How strange... I live in La Jolla/UTC and work in Torrey Pines. I was still getting LTE this morning when I woke up at home but now that I'm at work (which is only a few miles away) it's back to crappy 3G. Really? There is a small purple splotch in the WiMax map that is right over my house! The Map Trip function automatically uploads the data to the sensorly servers, right?
  11. Haha hey! I've been using it, but the 4g gets reported as being WiMax... Yes I'm rooted and using a custom ROM. That being said, it's still based on TouchWiz... Curious.
  12. Weird, it's strangely reporting the 4G as being WiMax on sensorly
  13. Just installed it! ... What do I do with it? ahhaha
  14. i just got 4G tonight!!! I live in La Jolla near UCSD
  15. Great post. It seems to be the fad to bash Sprint's coverage/data speeds on sites such a XDA/Engadget. I simply can't wait until Sprint is done rolling out LTE and then 1x advanced/LTE over 800mHz. Quick questions, is Sprint going to stick with the 5x5 mHz block even in the 800mHz spectrum???
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