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  1. Usually, most wireless customers don't care much about the financial aspects of a company. However, in this case most of here are a little more invested because we know what Sprint's original plans were for their network vision project. As a customer, I'd like to see Sprint succeed. Competition is a good thing for customers, as it gives people a choice and ensures that companies like AT&T and Verizon can't monopolize the market with their shady business practices. Truth be told, Sprint has an uphill battle without SoftBank. For starters, their network leaves much to be desired in areas throughout the country where Network vision hasn't been completed. Secondly, they're using CDMA with EVDO for 3G data. This is vastly inferior to HSPA+ found on GSM networks like T Mobile and AT&T. Their main competitive advantages will be LTE density and unlimited data. The Network Vision project, which is already behind schedule, takes money to complete. Money that SoftBank will invest to help speed up the process and have LTE 800Mhz and 2600Mhz up and running as soon as possible. Ergen's deal wouldn't be done anytime soon, delaying the buildout even more. SoftBank is hands down the way to go. However, being only a lowly customer I have no say, and I have to essentially "keep the faith" that Sprint's board members can see past the smoke and mirrors within Dish Network's offer.
  2. Like I've stated in the past, shareholders don't actually care about Sprint or their customers. All they care about is the bottom line. If you look only on the surface, $25 billion is > $20 billion. We all know the deception involved in Ergen's offer. The Softbank deal makes sense to anyone with a brain who doesn't want Sprint to go the way of the dinosaur. I can't fault Softbank for weighing their options after what Dish has done to ruin the initial agreement. Sprint is a distant 3rd place right now. They need all the help they can get to push forward with their Network Vision. Softbank will help, Dish will destroy Sprint. If the deal falls through, many people (myself included) will flee the sinking ship and go to TMOBILE. I've been a loyal customer since 99'n but after the Nextel fiasco, I think we can safely say their board doesn't always make the best decisions.
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  4. As a long time Sprint customer, I'm not really in favor of this deal. Sure if you're a shareholder, it's great. However, in the long term I don't believe that Sprint (assuming the name doesn't become history) will benefit in the long run. I'm somewhat familiar with Softbank from when I used to visit Japan, and they're highly competitive. I believe Masayoshi Son's vision for Sprint is far more compatible with Dan Hesse's. If the Softbank deal goes through, I believe that Sprint's coverage and and quality of service will improve, and may even lead to an international roaming agreement with Softbank in Japan. I don't know all the technical details of either deal, but I get the feeling that Dish would destroy Sprint's name and eliminate unlimited data over time.
  5. I totally understand. I have observed it and heard about similar occurrences from forum members here. With that said, our market hasn't officially launched, nor has an official launch date been provided by Sprint. When we realize that, we learn to accept that any early LTE signals we receive is a bonus. All we're getting now is a glimpse of what's to come in the near future. I completely understand why Sprint will no longer launch a market without having extensive coverage. After the negative press they received last summer over launching places like Dallas and Atlanta with only ~30% of the towers complete, we all should. The reason being that the general public always assumes that when a market launches, it's 100% complete.
  6. While I can't speak of technical details that I know nothing about, especially in other boroughs, I can say that in Uptown Manhattan and the Bronx I have seen towers sporadically go on and off for testing. The same is true for the speeds. I'm Ok with it though because the market hasn't officially launched, it hasn't occurred for extended periods of time, and the way the coverage is spreading I'm never more than a few blocks away from an LTE signal.
  7. Engadget is full of trolls. I'm well aware that the theoretical peak download speeds of both ATT and Verizon are both higher than Sprint, but right now every Verizon phone I've checked in their stores are averaging between 6 and 8 mbps down. It's not fair to judge a network that hasn't launched. The only place where you can get a close to accurate gauge of coverage and speed is Chicago, because it's over 80% complete.
  8. I just picked up lte in Washington Heights on my way to work. I'm still mapping it now.
  9. It's back. I was literally getting no data for over an hour. It's upsetting, but I know that the launch for lte is a ways off so I just chalked it up to being part of the NV process. Thankfully, it's back as I've stated.
  10. Anyone else experiencing an outage? I normally get solid lte at work and decent lte at home. Starting at about 4 pm today I've lost lte at work and at home. I've updated my profile, PRL, and rebooted. But alas, no dice. It's not even displaying EHRPD. Weird to say the least.
  11. That's bananas. I've never seen speeds in the 30 range in the Bronx. I can't wait till lte coverage is widespread throughout the city. I'm looking forwardtotheday when all NYC has NV complete so that I won't have to rollback to 1x rtt speeds in some areas.
  12. That's great news. Perhaps AlcaLu is putting the finishing touches on Network Vision sites that are already completed so that NYC can have a soft launch with decent coverage. Because other than the Bronx, the other boroughs are lacking.
  13. That's great news. If you don't mind me asking, how did you acquire this information?
  14. Just got LTE at home for the first time ever. I'm in the 170th street and clay avenue area. I fired up sensorly so it should show up soon. The signal isn't very strong, but to have 4g at home is great. I'm sure it will improve as more towers are lit up. My speeds are on the weak side, which means I'm far from the tower, and range from 1.5-6 mbps. It's still way better than the 1xRTT I was getting yesterday.
  15. That seems a little off unless they ramp up production, especially since Alcatel Lucent is handling NYC deployment, but still good news nonetheless. We've seen the footprint increase in the Bronx, but Manhattan has been somewhat stagnant and the other boroughs have zero lte at this point.
  16. Yeah, I was able to get a signal slightly off Webster and Fordham. The problem is that the signal was very weak, much like the signal I get below 170th street, making it basically useless. I'm sure that the Yankee stadium area will get their own dedicated LTE tower soon to truly bridge the gap in coverage.
  17. Starting from the lowest to the highest speeds, this was me testing lte from Fordham road and Webster all the way to 170th and Jerome. All while riding the 4 train.
  18. I wouldn't go as far as saying the gap has closed between Kingsbridge and 167th just yet, but there's been quite the improvement in coverage in the last week or so. With that said, in 170th and below the coverage is pretty much limited to Jerome avenue. While the phone will detect a lte signal below 170th street the poor signal strength makes the data unusable. With that said, I checked out coverage at Fordham road, and at Jerome ave the data was rock solid. I got over 20 Mbps easily.
  19. That's great news. I tested LTE not too far from my house at 170th and Jerome. I had a decent LTE signal, which means its probably coming from closer to your area. Good news either way.
  20. I briefly had an LTE signal around 167th and Jerome avenue in the Bronx. The signal lasted a little while, but when I ran sensorly the data wouldn't move. The same was true when I tried to run a speed test.
  21. The first and last results are in 3g. The rest are LTE in midtown. Sent from my SPH-L710 using Tapatalk 2
  22. Like most, I too can confirm LTE in Midtown Manhattan. I was around Times Square and walked toward 6th ave. Once I did, LTE popped up and I mapped it the best I could with Sensorly. The speeds ranged between 10Mbps to 15 Mbps down. Impressive enough to run YouTube HD with no buffering.
  23. I noticed the exact same thing on sensorly too. The more, the merrier I say. Hopefully Brooklyn and Queens will get some LTE love too.
  24. This is great news fellas. My sensorly results finally showed up in the Hamilton Heights area. Hopefully this is an indication that Sprint is ramping up production.
  25. Yeah, that's back in the Bronx. Plenty of areas of upper Manhattan and The Bronx are in desperate need of serious network vision upgrades. In due time, I guess.
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