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  1. anything new for downtown yet? i dotn need LTE at my house i need it at work, i get 20+ megs via my wifi...
  2. I agree...pretty excited that we can stream music and finally i can look at a link or youtube clip my buddy mms me. For the money i pay...Sprint is it for me...for the near future.
  3. Just as i thought...speed of lte is lame...cant get past 6 megs and have been getting one meg or less for a lil while now. Does that mean backhaul is bad? I dont want this to be one of those things were they advertise lte but its the speed of t mobile hespa
  4. Just got 4g lte at my area...1st time. Im around merle hay and hickman...seems to fade after urbandale ave and merle hay...getting 6-11 meg down and .5- 1 upload speed. Sooo much better than 3g. Hahaha, so exciting. I have it at my house. Signal is holdong for a few hours now.
  5. i have been looking at this forum for months now and decided to join. I must say though, I can see 4g LTE not roll out for months and months, because they cannot compete in IA with the other carriers due the type of spectrum VZW and US CELL own...i hope i am wrong and they decide to spend millions on getting things done in des moines as opposed to other states and cities. i am excited about the 3G upgrades though, i can finally receive and send MMS from downtown while at work. I wonder if ATT will beat Sprint to the punch on LTE in Des Moines. Anyone know some real facts about how long it will take for LTE to be rolled out on a big scale? Not asking about turning on 7 towers in opposite sides of town, but actually being able to have LTE without dead spots in a 7-10 mile radius.
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