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  1. Who knew I would be so psychotic

  2. I was signing into my ATT account this morning, and guess what i saw beside the login page? This... Limited Time : Get 30 GIG of Truly Sharable Data. It seems like ATT is finally responding to Sprint's 20 GIG of sharable data. Just thought i would let y'all know. Link : http://www.att.com/shop/wireless/data-plans.html#fbid=yGoDENv-jOE
  3. I don't think China's 4g LTE is even close to acceptable speeds right now. I read somewhere in a blog, in Chinese, that it was just was just a little bit faster. I can't verify the speeds because i don't have a device that can be used on China Mobile, but i can tell you that Unicom's 3G speeds are pretty speed at least in SH.
  4. I was reading on how 1900 provides broad coverage & 800 is used to penetrate buildings, but wouldn't 800 by it self be just as good? Please explain to me how these work because I'm fairly new and don't fully understand. Thanks guys!
  5. It would be really awesome if Sprint finally let us bring our own tablets like the iPad Air, it is comparable with all networks and if they let people bring their existing devices to Sprint, I know that I would sign up with a data plan for my iPad too. At least that is how I see it...
  6. 2 questions. 1. Does the new 60$ unlimited plan come with the unlimited guarantee for life? 2. If i have a old Free & Clear plan off contract & a line i just purchased that is on contract, according to the Sprint website, i would be able to migrate my 80$ My-Way plan to the new 60$ plan correct? Thanks
  7. I wen't in field test mode on both my iPhones. One was a Verizon device and one was a Sprint device, when both phones first connected to their own service, they both read LTE. The Sprint iPhone read -110 dBm while the Verizon iPhone read -111 dBm. The weird thing is, the Verizon iPhone stayed connected to LTE while the Sprint iPhone switched to 3G. Is there a PRL update in place that makes it switch to 3G when the LTE signal is considered "fair"? I would much rather have a 2 bar LTE iPhone rather than a 3 bar 3G iPhone. It seems like any time the iPhone gets 2 bars of LTE it will always switch to 3G while my Verizon iPhone will stay at LTE until 1 bar. Thanks
  8. What is the price to get access to this information? Do I need to donate a minimum amount of money or how much?
  9. Do they have a time frame for the negotiations because the 1900 MHz is kinda crappy for penetrating walls, or maybe it is just because not all of the towers have been completed in my area. It seems when i step out side i can get a weak LTE signal but as soon as i step in i loose it. Maybe they are still working on the towers in my area. How reliable are the LTE maps on Sprint.com?
  10. What are the current border issues with the 800 MHz LTE? I am in San Diego and i am having a lot of trouble getting LTE in my house, but as soon as i step outside it can grab a signal. I heard 800 is way better at furthering coverage. I also thought i read something about there was a delay because of something with the Mexican border and they weren't approved for 800 MHz LTE? I thought Sprint's 3G and LTE ran on the same frequency (1900) and that means everywhere i got sprint 3G i would also receive LTE, Sprint assured me that i was in a LTE area and i should be getting it in my house too. They have called a technician and i am waiting for that to pan out. In the mean time it would be awesome if someone could further explain this to me. Thanks!
  11. If i have a iPhone 5s with unlimited my way plan and i buy a sprint iPad, then i put the sim card from my iPhone 5s into the iPad will it work with my unlimited data? I know this works for Verizon but im not sure for sprint. Thanks!
  12. Alright, the reason i wanted to switch is because i thought Verizon would soon end unlimited for us customers and i wasn't sure if i should wait for that to happen because i am not sure how much longer sprint would offer the unlimited guarantee. Not to mention they have a -100$ savings right now.
  13. I just saw a couple of days ago that Sprint added San Diego to their map of LTE cites. I currently have an unlimited data plan with Verizon and i am wanting to upgrade / change to Sprint. Can anyone tell me if the LTE data speeds are good and if the marjory of the city is covered with good LTE signal?
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