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  1. Yes it is a sprint computer bug. The calls will correspond to the ones you made, but with random numbers showing on the call list to New Orleans numbers. Went away when I de-provisioned which was shut off when got screen to update the emergency address (then option to turn off WIFI calling, some have turned it off on Sprint website). Now all calls show correctly, but I cannot reprovsion phone again to try it again. I have 19.1 and latest PRL, but turning WIFI calling back on I get 'we are unable to process your request at this time please power cycle the device and try again". If I really needed wifi calling I could call them and see if it works (there answer is usually your phone is bad and take it to a repair center). I don't think this is ready for prime time yet.
  2. new guys on this board would come through. provisioning without WIFI calling seems to have worked. You can get to this on the Iphone 6 by hitting the button to change the 911 location and then I found the option to turn this off. initially did not work, but it told me it couldn't find the phone, but the second time there was option to reboot the phone and now its off and calls show correctly, not to New Orleans. Thanks.
  3. Strange problem since upgrade to IOS 8.3 and the system upgrade from sprint: I live a Chicago suburb and most of my calls are local, but since upgrade on Sprint.com all my outgoing calls are being shown as random numbers in New Orleans. At first I was worried that my number was spoofed, but the outgoing numbers and time of calls all correspond to the area 847 calls I have made. the rep called 2 supervisors who really had no clue, but suggested I take my Iphone 6 to a service center (the outgoing calls shown on my phone and the calls themselves are all correct). but now my wife's Iphone 5S upgraded at the same time also showing the New Orleans random numbers, so I suspect a computer glitch! anyone else with the same problem, or am I crazy (I could be). Lenny
  4. A bit nerve racking after yesterday but ##update# gives 51099 in Iphone 5! Thanks Digiblur
  5. As lurker here, did PRL update on Iphone 5 and got the 60657 with no LTE. Called and got a service rep who did not understand what happened and tried to push what he said was 51099 but kept getting the 60657. He finally pushed 2011 to me which gives me LTE again but no 800 SMR (this is listed as a temporary world phone PRL with LTE no 800 and some are getting this one it seems with the Nexus). He started a ticket. At least I have LTE unless the system pushes the other one again. Lenny
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