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  1. Has there been any recent 3G upgrades in Roseville,mi I always have to use wifi because its just slow for anything but at my moms in Westland,mi it's way faster
  2. Oh yea sorry that wasn't with that page I just now saw that comment but I will make it up with a donation soon
  3. For some reason I can't comment on FB but Don't close the page on fb screw other ppl that don't appreciate anything keep up the awesome work and thanks for everything
  4. I think if sprint has the towers up. They should turn them on even if they are still working on them to at least give someone's phone speed because 3g is so slow in my area I only get connection lost tap to retry on every website
  5. Is tht the newest one email me at mav48185@gmail.com because i know i don't have the old old one but they told me it was new i had it for about 2 months now it does work good but sometimes it needs a reset
  6. Looks like sprint is working their way around Detroit metro area since I'm sure we don't exist
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