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  1. Yea the LTE will stay red, then start blinking again. It has connected but maybe for 10 mins and then goes back to blinking. So i actually just unplugged it. might mess with it more tomorrow when im off work.
  2. I recently had a executive at sprint working on my account cause of some billing issues. After being able to resolve that issue, I had asked her about the airave 3. I wanted to know if i could get the 2.5 plus model switched out and she had told me that she couldn't order any some with the magic box and they wasn't shipping them out until next year. So I had gotten ahold of sprint through twitter, asking about the airave 3 and switching them out. Moments later I had a phone call from another sprint executive asking about the old 2.5 plus model. I just told her it didn't like to play friendly with any of the phones me or my family and friends had. She tried to sell me on the magic box which I would have liked, but had gotten denied for cause of the coverage. So she ordered me a return kit to ship back the old one, and ordered the new airave 3. still haven't gotten the return kit but the new airave came earlier which surprised me. Everything but the LTE light is green and solid the LTE light will connect and then start blinking again. So i'm going to leave it go all night and see what happens in the morning.
  3. I gave what you mentioned a try and it worked for awhile until I got a phone call and then it started happening again. Trying to talk to sprint again. But still not getting anywhere with it.
  4. So for awhile now my iPhone 5 won't connect to 3G it gives me the pop up saying cannot connect to cellular data network. Been to a sprint store and they weren't much help switched the sim and same thing. Called and talked to apple and they didn't have anything to tell me. Spoke with a lady from sprint on my ticket and she said it was the SIM card cause my phone was using a 3G SIM card not a 4g card. It only a connects to 1x and lte when available. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks!
  5. Saw a truck and a trailer at the local sprint site. Didn't see any logo on the truck, and they had the gate open but didn't see anyone till I got closer. It looked like the guy was asleep in his truck. Hopefully something good comes out of it in the next couple of days! Going to keep an eye out!
  6. So my iPhone 5 connects to LTE and wifi and 1x just fine, but when it tries to connect to 3g it says could not activate cellular data. I've spoke to sprint on multiple occasions and they don't know why. Have done all the recommended resets and updates. I have an airave at home and still no 3g. My s3 connects to 3g no problem so i know it not a tower or airave issue. Totally stumped
  7. I just called in to get my iPhone 5 unlocked, and I had switched the phone on my account so the 5 would be inactive. He said it would 3-4 days. Should I wait to reactivate my phone until the unlock goes through?
  8. Was on my way home from work, and I had looked down at my phone and it was connected to LTE. I was in utter surprise! I haven't been keeping up with updates specially on sprints network page. It's nice to at least see Leipsic getting 4g! And it's only about 10 mins away from me did a speed test with only two bars and was pretty happy with the results!
  9. For the past 4 days there have been people working on the tower. Two of the four they was working top to bottom and the other 2 they was working just at the bottom. Still hoping for something to happen in the next few days or into early march!
  10. However they keep it I'm glad to see more progress to the tower around the area! They finally got rid of the old base stations yesterday. And they had some more people working today in the tower top and bottom. It looked like they had a guy up by the microwave dish. With them using microwave will it have the same kind of speeds you see with towers that have fiber to them? I thought this question was brought up some where else but I haven't found it.
  11. Saw this today on my way to work! They must have added yesterday! Guessing they can get backhaul to the tower yet?
  12. Was heading out to work and there was a crew working on the tower. Looks like they was adding new cables to the tower they had someone at the top pulling it up the tower! Seems like there has been people in and out of the inside of the fence all week. I figured they wanted to get a start on getting it ready. Not sure if backhaul is already in place and set. But still keeping an eye out!
  13. So to go off my post from yesterday. I drove by the tower today on my way to work and bam there are people are working on the tower again. On the top and bottom!! I did a drive by taking some pics. Hopefully good news still trying to stay positive about the whole thing. Cause sprint said 90 days well the 90 days are about up. But that is taking that with a grain of salt Lol. Same with the text I got lte will be in your area soon!
  14. you guys do a great job of still scouting the towers out!! I haven't had much luck with anything new around my area. not finding anything new just the same old stuff. our tower still has the small boxes out there, haven't seen anyone around for awhile. still waiting for the backhaul . still hopeful though. when i was opening a new store in McComb the speeds were great! wish i had those speed here, but I have the airave and wifi so I'm good. my wifi is quicker. here is to hoping that the end of this month or next will bring our market some good news!!
  15. Lol I didn't even catch that. I guess that's what I get for just typing away and not paying much attention to how I spelled it.
  16. here is a before an after pic if the church.. I use to live in this community its so sad. they have every road in and out of town blocked no one is aloud in
  17. The storm made it through our little town in northwest ohio. we had a tornado hit another town from us and took out the church and a lot of homes. I was at work and we had to take in some people that didn't want to travel in the nasty weather. i have been there for a year now, and this is my first experience working at Dollar General where it has been this bad and keeping customers in the store with us! hope everyone else is safe! prayers for everyone!!
  18. today it looks like they have the rrus up, and they pull out the trailer they had there. but the boxes are still there. I'm guessing they are waiting on backhaul still. I'm sure that will take awhile not sure who they are using for backhaul, just a guess its TDS they are slow at things, and having outages all the time. hopefully it will be fiber they are bringing to the tower they brought it to the GOGO tower down the road. fingers crossed. something happens soon. playing the waiting game is hard lol
  19. Now I'm having issues with the airave.. i can receive texts no issue, but when sending them it just won't happen. looks like I'm going to have to make a call to airave support and see whats happening
  20. So after everything that was delivered on Friday and sat there all weekend in the rain. Nothing very important happened monday either. figures with my day off.. but on my way to work today around 2 this is what was going on. people out working on everything. So on my break I drove back to the tower to see what they had done. it looks ilke they have 3 new panels up, and the RRUS are setting on the ground down there still. but its nice to see work happening. might stop in on my way to work tomorrow and see whats going on! hopefully better pics
  21. I have tried this, and i haven't got it to work. I've had no issue with the handoff between the airave and cell coverage. It took me awhile to get away from airave coverage. When i was out of its coverage I made a call and then walked back to the coverage of the airave I still had the same amount of bars i did with cell network. Then I made it upstairs to where the airave is setting, and then my bars dropped, and then the call failed. So I'm not for sure if it works or not but i wasn't able to get the phone to transfer from cell coverage to airave coverage. Maybe someone else would be able to test it, and let us know!
  22. So just got the airave today. It took awhile, sprint sent it to the wrong address and it took some calls to figure out what all happened. They were able to send the driver back out to our area to the right address! Least I knew him and he was cool with it. The setup up took awhile and it didn't activate the mobile network. So I called and the lady was very helpful and got it up and working for me! Haven't got to try it out much but the full bars are great to see again!!
  23. Were you able to get it to connect or is it still happening? This will be the first time for me getting an airave and I hope it won't be defective, and have to send it back
  24. That's awesome. I was hoping it would come in today. It made it to the closest ups place near me and was just hoping. So I'll just have to wait till Monday.. I have the iphone 5 and galaxy s3 so I'll have to do some messing around with it.
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