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  1. I am using the Whitestone Dome. a bit of a PITA to put on but it is the best screen protector I have ever had. works perfectly with the curved screen.
  2. We now have 5 in our family....all Note 7 replacements and not one of them is showing light bleed unless I really stare and look for it in a dark room. Zero impact in normal use. Personally I find the battery life better than my Note 7 and it does recharge in a very short amount if time. I do miss the water resistance as I have a Koi pond and drowned my prior Note 5 before the Note 7 twice this summer. Will just have to be careful. I wear hearing aids and call quality through the earpiece and speaker quality are miles better than any Samsung device I ever owned...and I have have had every Note. The one downfall is the camera. Yes, in manual mode I can get great images (landscape and wildlife photographer in my spare time so I do know manual shooting) but for my regular job where I do a lot of construction documentation, the auto mode on this is really sub par compared to the N7 or S7 Edge. I find the screen to be excellent...and that is coming from a photographer who has all three of my computer screens fully calibrated. The one thing I dislike about the screen is that I do a final perusal of the news when I get into bed...and this screen simply doesn't go low enough for my eyes even when I have the yellow filter on high. Overall...I love the phone and don't worry about the glass on the back breaking every time I look at it cross eyed as there isn't any...and I don't miss those stupid N7 and S7E utterly useless to me curves which make the screen appear smaller than it actually is.
  3. After 2 Note 7's and then an S7Edge which i truly didn't like I went to a Sprint Corporate store yesterday and traded that in for an LG V20. Great phone. The screen to me is so much more useful without those stupid curved sides. Build quality id excellent and I far prefer the aluminum to the glass back. Battery has been excellent with almost no loss when idle. I wear hearing aids and all phones are tough for me on the earpiece speaker and the little bottom speakers but so far, this is the best and clearest device for my ears that I have ever had. WIFI calling works perfectly. WIFI in general is the fastest I have experienced....definitely beats my previous Samsung devices. This phone runs much smoother than either the N7 or S7E did for me. As for the screen....different but beautiful. I have it set with the blue light filter set to low to lower the color temp from the normal way to high 9000 K temp. As a photographer, the images on this look as good as they did on my Samsung devices....just a little bit different.
  4. Mine was replaced yesterday morning at BestBuy. Made in China on 9-11-16. Love everything about the phone with the exception of the useless to me curved glass and the resulting fact that there is no worth glass screen protector for it.....or a film one for that matter that will actually stay on with a case. Using a Diztronics TPU case as I have on every other smartphone I've used. Arthritis in both thumbs and I have dropped all my phones numerous times and never once suffered anything more than a cracked screen protector with this case. Of course now there is no screen protector..... Nothing seems to have changed. Phone runs really smoothly with the only exception being when I first open the Applications section in settings and there it stutters scrolling through the list for the first 10 seconds and then it's fine.
  5. A new update is out today (just installed) which installs WIFI calling and also "optimizes battery". If they make the battery life any better than it already is I will be ecstatic Blows my Note 5 away. I loved the Note 5 but I am around water constantly to the water resistance is critical for me...and as I use the camera constantly and this one is definitely better than the Note 5 I will stay with the 7. I just wish it didn't have the stupid gimmick curved screen edge which precludes getting a proper tempered glass screen protector on it.
  6. I find both this and Sprints map a bit not true. At my home, while we used to have a great LTS signal with Bands 25, 26 and 41 all active, we now barely get a 35 signal to the point that it's non functional at times. a half mile away where there used to be a no signal, there is now a great signal. Basically, the entire area that shows strong LTE has gotten really poor throughout the entire NE MA area.
  7. Understood but that's what two different CHAT folks and one live on the phone CS person told me.
  8. They clearly state that they won't "unlock" phones that are on lease plans until they are paid off.....and that includes the darn MSL code. Maybe I should just call tech support and tell them my phone isn't getting CA like my buddies and mayne they will walk me through it and by doing so tell me what the "secret code" is to type in
  9. Have tried to get my MSL three times but sprint says since my phone is leased they won't give it to me. The paperwork given to me at Best Buy when I purchased only shows a Security Lock Code and that doesn't work.
  10. I live in eastern MA (NE Corner) and travel the area from here to Boston to Framingham, etc. While I frequently have B41 I have yet to see any evidence of CA. The menu says it's enabled but even when on Band 41 I have not yet seen anything other than CA not configured no matter where I am. As the Boston area is supposedly rolled out / live with CA I am wondering why? Thoughts?
  11. Oooopps.....that should have said NOTE 5
  12. I don't see that as a problem with my Note 3. It switches from 3G to LTE quite seamlessly;y with no delay.
  13. I am able to clearly make calls at home most of the time...although there are times when zero bars are present (I know this is a rather useless signal strength indicator) and I am on 3G that things get pretty scratchy / garbles for a few seconds...but that is infrequent. Most other places the call quality is excellent.
  14. Have had the 64 GB since Friday and one thing I have noticed continually......the Note 5 is almost constantly on Band 41 where as my Note 4 would bounce between 25 and 26 and once in a while show it to be on Band 41. I am even picking up band 41 all over southern NH in the Salem to Manchester area (I live in MA on the border), whereas I never saw that with the note 4. Also, since my hearing sucks and I wear hearing aids, I find the earpiece to be a fair bit better for me and the speaker to be a whole lot better for call use...for my ears at least. What is still frustrating is that the signal in the house stinks. It goes from 26 to 3G to 31 and seems to get stuck between the three just like the Note 4. 1/8 mile away I have very fast 41 connection and it does show exactly this on the Sprint coverage map. Frustrating.
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