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  1. I've been planning on leaving Sprint for T-Mobile prepaid and getting an unlocked Galaxy Nexus from Google. But if the Note II comes to Sprint, I may just stay...
  2. IT'S FUCKING NICE IN KANSAS CITY, MO http://t.co/iGUGLZjB #THEFINGWEATHER I love this site. It's hilarious.

  3. This laptop keeps telling me that Windows cannot create a passcode for my computer account. The fuck?

  4. She's mad at me. I can tell. And I think she's to the point where she wants away from me. That's what it sounds like. I hope I'm wrong.

  5. Sometimes when texts say they fail to send, they send anyways. Why could my text last night have been that way? I needed it to send. Badly.

  6. ICS roms seem to take an unusually long time to boot on the first boot. So far I've tried Paranoid Android, AOKP, and CM9.

  7. If i didn't have an upgrade available, yes I would. But odds are I'll have an upgrade available. Again, this is only if it comes to sprint. Otherwise, im not going to buy it.
  8. And the rollout has started! Now we just play a waiting game to see when our phones get it. Rollout is 7/12-7/20.
  9. I think she's mad at me.

  10. I take back my previous statement, as Samsung has officially released Source. Now we just play the OTA waiting game.
  11. As much as I can tell about Sprint's update history I'm not believing this until I see an official announcement or the actual rollout. I want to believe it though, and I hope it's true.
  12. I could have sworn the other day I, read somewhere that they could be coming out with some sort of Android based game console. Can't seem to remember where though. I highly doubt it, as I'd rather have a Nexus Phablet, but i guess it's possible.
  13. I rooted today. I'll probably flash CM7 soon. And once ICS Source is released, I'll flash AOKP. Cause it has unicorns. And more features.

  14. You gotta love The Whitest Kids You Know.
  15. It's 4am. I've listened to Octane and Alt Nation since 3 hoping it would help me fall asleep. But no. I'm still fucking awake.

  16. Great. Now she thinks I hate her. Which I don't. And I couldn't unless she did something unforgivable. Which she hasn't.

  17. That's what she said! But on a serious note, I personally think that 8.9 inches is the perfection tablet size. It just seems to fit perfectly in my hands.
  18. I'm going to order the 16GB one once I get the money. I'm sure at least Best Buy will carry it in stores if anyone.
  19. It was actually 2.3.5, my bad. I forgot what the last update was to.
  20. The OG Evo was terrible after its Gingerbread update. Even the patch update that also brought it to 2.3.7 brought even more problems. That's what made me decide I won't buy HTC again until their updates improve alot.
  21. Google I/O conference starts today. Can't wait to see what Jelly Bean has to offer. And the Nexus 7 tablet.

  22. You cannot forget that Google's rumored Siri competitor "Majel" could possibly make is debut on Jelly Bean. I for one am hoping that it gives OEMs an easier way to update the OS too. Cause the wait for some devices is absolutely terrible. Alot of the wait is from added boat that some carriers(*coughcough*Sprint*coughcough*) put into the device, and the custom skins. It would be great if Google could set limitations on both of those things in Jelly Bean.
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