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  1. Yeah, I don't know why people are so excited for the first tri-band LTE phone because it will be long obsolete before Sprint gets it up and running.
  2. I was just up in Pasadena for 4-days and it was really nice having solid, consistent 4G. On my EVO 4G LTE I was averaging 10mbps, but at the same time my wife's iPhone5 was getting about 20mbps. I'm tired of being teased with 4G around here. When the Moto X comes out next month, if things haven't improved by then, I'm seriously considering jumping ship. Sprint's done a good job at wearing out a loyal customer. I know the just wait, just wait, things will get better argument...but I've been just waiting since my original EVO 4G wimax days. I'm on the edge, man..talk me off the edge!
  3. I work at the corner of Balboa and Genessee and I have been getting 1.5 to 1.9 mbps for at least six months now. All of Clairemont has been largely ignored so far according to the upgrade map.
  4. I live in Del Cerro/Allied Gardens area, and prior to yesterday 3G had been spotty at best. Last night I almost fell off my couch when I noticed the 4G indicator on my phone. Speeds were horrible, but but I went out to map anyway. After about 10 minutes of mapping with an apparently good signal...poof...it disappeared. Sadly, none of it registered with Sensorly. It's been 12 hours. I watch the antennas at the corner of Navajo/College everyday, and they have not been touched. The site on Waring by Foster's freeze was upgraded about two months ago, so I'm thinking that is the site broadca
  5. If you click the "sites complete" link you posted earlier and zoom in on the Alcatel Lucent map it shows you red and yellow flags for sites completed. There is a legend at the bottom of the map. Caution: We're not allowed to post links to sponsor forum topics in non-pay areas.
  6. Will all the red 3G flags eventually convert to yellow 3G/4G flags when they officially launch the market? Why isn't every site upgraded to 3G/4G when it get its NV upgrade?
  7. Sorry, mostly dropped calls, but a lot of data drop outs too. I got rid of my land about two years ago because the quality of Sprint's network was very good. Not so much lately.
  8. Slow around here lately. It seems like they just bounce around. I've been watching the progress since the beginning and I can't discern any rhyme or reason to the order in which they move. I'm sure they have they're reasons though. As things "progress" Sprint's service gets worse and worse though. I know it's the testing phase and that BS, but it's been ridiculous lately. I'm having flashbacks to when I was on AT&T. I used to be really excited for them to upgrade the tower by house, but now I hope they hold off to the end because the "old" 3G antennas are working just fine. Ra
  9. Sad, but true. I work in Clairemont and the area is neglected. I keep an eye on that giant mono-pole on Balboa behind the Alta Dena dairy, and the antennas on the tall medical building at Balboa/Genessee, but there has been no activity yet. It seems like if they upgrade these two sites it would cover a huge swath because they're high up.
  10. Just picked up 4G in Santee on Cuyamaca from Weld south to Fletcher, and a little beyond. I mapped it on Sensorly. It used to only show up on the north side of the 52.
  11. That makes sense. This is the only place I get my Sprint network news
  12. Where does one find said Press Release? It's funny I spend an inordinate amount time on this site and I failed to read anything about it. Self flagellation commencing.
  13. Yes. I am losing sleep over something that I have no idea what you're talking about. What press release? Your quote from me in the post above I was commenting on what the dude in the Sprint store said.
  14. Although I'd like to believe this I wouldn't put stock in anything they tell you at a Sprint store. Corporate or not. But...didn't Robert say a long time ago that they light up a city when about 25% of the sites are upgraded?
  15. You can force it to upload in the details menu. Sometimes it gets stuck.
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