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  1. That's good news, I was actually considering yesterday about switching due to all the forced roaming just to send a text (and 60% of the time I had to retry sending it) and all the dropped calls. I guess I'll send back my airave when it gets here. But has anyone picked up a tri-band phone?
  2. Well I just got some lte from Vashon to my home in Burien and I can even send texts and calls now without roaming,
  3. I was wondering if anyone knows anything about this tower or towers https://www.dropbox.com/s/itc87ojj9krqmf9/2014-03-26%2007.47.12.png and where it's at? I've been roaming since December and well it's annoying but I've also gotten this error message: lte: esm-65535. Just wanna know if I'm going to get anything decent at my house.
  4. You might be right, I saw a flash of lte and lte stops about a block away from my house.
  5. For some odd reason I can't send texts and my calls can't connect anymore without roaming. Is there anything going on with the towers in Burien?
  6. Has anyone had any been able to connect to lte, but had slow speeds? I've been experiencing for the last day that I can connect, but nothing will load up. Chrome, the stock browser, or anything that uses data won't load.
  7. I was heading south towards Downtown, so just before the exit to the U-district.
  8. I think it maybe a new tower since the burien one, shuts off 4g near the baskin robins on ambuam
  9. It looks like burien has some 4g. I'll check it out after my classes since it's near my house.
  10. Go into airplane mode, then turn off airplane mode. It helps detect lte easier since it turns off all radios and forces your phone to pick lte up first.
  11. If you do get a signal again could use sensorly so we can map the lte signal
  12. They probably have more completed or close to completed sites compared to Seattle or Tacoma. It seems they get all the rural areas are being pushed out before the more urban areas; and there has to be either lease contracts or something. But it is coming and soon we wont have to here about people with At&t or Verizon talk about their lte, but complain how they don't have unlimited data.
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