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  1. Who does Sprint use as fiber back haul providers in suburban Detroit? I couldn't see anyone where I live besides Comcast and WOW as being a possibility.
  2. I've been getting the same crummy sub 2 Mbps down, sub 1 Mbps upload speeds since Oct. 2013 where I live. I don't see how adding b26 and b41 will help when I doubt Sprint is upgrading back haul like they should be.
  3. I'm often noticing better ping times but much the same terrible download and upload speeds as when I was only using EVDO with my Evo 3D. Is it fair to say that many Network Vision sites still don't have fiber run to them yet?
  4. Just received my new Moto X in the mail today!

  5. Received my black Moto X today. First impressions: It's about the same size as my old HTC EVO 3d, but about 3/4 the thickness and it's lighter weight. The rounded back does seem to work better in your hand. The stock wallpapers and ringtone notifications kinda suck. Whatever stage the LTE deployment that is covering me (not yet announced) is in, I am only getting 2 bars in my home and it frequently drops back to 3G EVDO (well actually it's calling it eHRPD). According to Signal Check Light, I am getting -116dBm RSRP, and -10 dB, 8.0 dB SNR RSRQ. Not sure what to relate those number to, other than they probably mean a borderline LTE connection. When I am able to stay connected to the LTE signal, I get over 5.5 Mbps download speeds with speedtest.net. For whatever reason, my ability to stay connected to LTE was no better outside my home. Will test more this weekend.
  6. Just ordered a Moto X to replace my failing EVO 3D. Will report back my first impressions. I live in the Metro Detroit area, which is supposedly in various stages of the LTE rollout.
  7. Consider that Qualcomm plans to start sampling 3rd gen LTE chipsets in the 4th quarter this year, and it probably isn't too far fetched to believe a minor revision to their current 2nd gen chipsets and tranceivers is possible in the meantime to support what this article proclaims.
  8. They all have it wrong I guess... http://www.fiercewireless.com/story/att-verizon-land-new-apple-ipad-lte-retina-display/2012-03-07 http://www.dslreport...-Arrives-118732 http://en.wikipedia....multiple_access http://en.wikipedia...._Term_Evolution
  9. Robert, strongly disagree with your use of MB and your contention that this is how they are often displayed. Not sure where you are getting this. Mb and MB are pretty universally understood to represent megabit and megabyte respectively. You are only confusing your readers.
  10. Great article. Starting to wonder if that crackpot youtube video from some guy who claimed to be a Sprint employee accessing an LTE tower in Texas was legit now.
  11. Everytime I see a product release statement that says, "it will help with exisiting devices, but new upgraded devices will be helped more," I pretty much know I will never see any real world improvements.
  12. Nice to see that Clearwire will be rolling out 20 Mhz TD-LTE carriers. Now if they would just roll out multiple carriers per site in the densest urban areas... we might have something here.
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