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  1. I got the update on my v30+ this morning. VoLTE is turned off by default. Enabled it, but doesn't look like its active yet in my area (Sacramento, CA). Quick test call and no indication of VoLTE, and noted the cell signal droped the LTE tag when on the call, just as it did previously. I'll play around with it later to see if there's any change.
  2. Quick question, which plant made your Note 4? Both my original (bad fingerprint scanner) and replacement were produced in Vietnam. I understand there were three plants - South Korea, China and Vietnam. Wondering if the Sprint batch were all in Vietnam or if we have a variety.
  3. Is it not detecting the fingerprint scan or just not accepting the fingerprint? Turned out my fingerprint sensor was DOA. Was able to register a fingerprint initially, but then after locking the phone, the swipe prompt wouldn't even appear. Had the local sprint service center check it out and its non-responsive even to the self tests. Waiting for Amazon to get some back in stock so that I can exchange it. If its just not accepting the fingerprint, since it has the same sensor as the S5, I imagine some of the tips and tricks for it would help. Found a couple of youtube videos and forum posts on how to optimize it when I was searching for a fix for my issue.
  4. I haven't tried disabling connections optimizer yet, and will give it a try, but I have noticed the same thing. A couple of times while navigating in the bay area last week, the phone reported no GPS signal, and I had to cycle location services to get it to come back. Hope this is something that they address in an update.
  5. Probably spent way too long on this today. Worked with both sprint and samsung and confirmed the sensor is bad in my unit. So its either send it into Samsung for repairs, 12 days or return exchange it with amazon 4-5 days. Either of which mean I'll be without a phone for a few days. :-( Almost not worth it considering every else seems fine. The self test screen is kind of helpful though. *#0*# first time I've ever played with it.
  6. Is anyone else having problems with the fingerprint scanner? When I got the phone Tuesday night, I registered a couple of fingerprints, used it a few times to unlock the phone, then it just quit working, and had to use the backup password. Now, attempting to access the fingerprint manager under the Finger Scanner options, i get "An error has occurred with the fingerprint sensor. If this message appears repeatedly, restart your device.". I've restarted the device multiple times, and cleared the cache for the Fingerprints android app. (Per a suggestion on the S5 forums.) It looks like it was a bit of a problem with the S5, but the note is so new, I haven't found anyone complaining about it. Yet. I'm using PIN code, but I hate to see an advertised feature not working.
  7. Looks like Amazon isn't faring much better. I preordered with them in September, when they were offering the Note 4 for $299, while BB and Sprint were still listed at $349. Haven't gotten a shipping notification from them yet, and the charge still hasn't hit my card. Called and they said it was in pre-processing (whatever that means) and should ship soon. Hopefully I'll get it early next week.
  8. Yeah, spoke with a BB employee in the Samsung section last night and he said that they wouldn't be able to price match Amazon on it. Oh well, wasn't like they were going to hand me the phone today. I went ahead and pre-ordered mine this morning through Amazon, they offered $47 to trade in an old Galaxy S2 I had laying around, so I'll take that and submit it the Samsung promo for the difference. Probably won't get the phone till the 20th or 21st due to the shipping, and the rebate till December but $50 is $50. They also wouldn't price match Amazon for the HTC one M8 for my son, $49 on Amazon, $199 at BB and no way was I going to pay $150 more for the same phone. Now on to what case I want to get....
  9. One of my local best buy's had both the Note 4 and the edge on display. Was pretty happy with the look and feel, so I think I'll bite the bullet and preorder. Question is, best buy at $350 but the $200 instantly for the trade in or amazon for $299, with a smaller trade in followed by Samsung cutting the check for the difference in several weeks. Seems like saving the extra $50 would be worth the wait. Anyone think there would be any problems with using the amazon trade in for the Samsung rebate?
  10. So, I'm still debating whether I should preorder at the end of the week (in order to take advantage of the $200 rebate) or hold off till mid October to see if anything "unexpected" shows up. To me, the lack of carrier aggregation is the biggest downside - it seems from what I've read, Cat 6 and the next gen modem with the 805 is pretty pointless without it. But upgrading to triband from my lowly Evo 4G LTE would be a big improvement. As for Sprint VoLTE, isn't it still in the specifications / design stage? Also, I wonder where it sits on the priority list now that Sprint's leadership has changed up. I'm assuming I can live without it till mid 2016. With CCA / RRPP program, I seem to recall that the benefits were largely regional, and that in California, there would be little to no benefit, so its one of those, would be nice bits. The Nexus X or whatever its to be called probably won't be out till the end of October, and I don't see anything new beyond that until Spring. Since we aren't getting the Moto X (2nd Gen) and the new nexus is motorola, I wonder if that will have an effect on its availability on Sprint.... What do you guys think?
  11. Oh well, out goes the low price leader marketing approach. Spoke too soon. Well maybe there's still hope. The gotta be mobile link also says black and white will be the only colors at launch, and the colors may be exclusives - I'm guessing the gold is for sprint?
  12. Yeah, I've been sitting on my upgrade since June to see what the fall would bring. Thought about the G3, but the Note 4 looks pretty enticing. Was hoping HTC would have a competitor to the Note 4, but I don't see it in the cards at this point with the lack of leaks (or leaks that indicate first part of next year.)
  13. I'm assuming they must still be testing and tweaking. I noticed that the towers that I've been getting LTE from for the past couple of weeks are today only connecting 3G eHRPD. The coloma tower is showing 3g, but speed tests were better than I've ever seen them on 3G. I also had LTE for a brief moment on Monday morning on one of the rural sites north of auburn, but since then I've gotten 3G only.
  14. The tower behind Becks, hwy 50 between Sunrise and Hazel still appears to be only enabled for LTE to the West. Wondering if its common for them to only enable the antennas in specific directions to start, and how long it will take them to light up the eastward ones. I'm still getting fair / poor LTE reception from the Fair Oaks tower though, and was able to stream spotify at work today without any difficulty. :-) I occasionally notice the phone dropping to 3g, but not bad so far this AM.
  15. I'm guessing that there will be a few weeks of tweaking and tuning on the ones that went live this week. I'm noticing I'm now only getting 3g in several locations where I had lte earlier in the week
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