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    Yeahh , the topic was i couldn't connect to LTE & you guys were trying to assist me then some random douche comes & here & brings up the iPhone vs Android topic but he was being hostile about it & I didn't like that so I cursed him out , but being the douche that he was he kept on going & it irritated me so i got a lil bit angry & didn't rationalize my thoughts which was out of order & I apologized & even changed my comments then the thread randomly gets locked when we (excluding that guy) were actually talkin about LTE .


    That's the problem. There are moderators here for a reason. If some "Internet tough guy" comes in here trolling, don't respond. If you report it and continue on with your conversation as if "Internet tough guy" doesn't exist, that person will be dealt with and the thread will continue on without issue. If the moderators have to clean up pages and pages of worthless garbage and pissing matches, everyone is guilty.


    It's not that much different than if in real life, someone punches you with a cheap shot. Do you call the police and let them do their job? Or do you, and the other people around you retaliate and beat up the person? In example 1, the only person being arrested is the person who threw the punch, in example 2 everyone involved is probably going downtown.

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    It's not fun at all.. It's more like crack. It has taken me off this site and I'm just getting back now


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    It is like crack... we are going out bursting tomorrow to take back some sites we lost today

  3. Well, I'm a n00b, but I'm getting the hang of ingress. I found a couple unclaimed portals by my work that I am going to grab tomorrow. Met up with a level 3 guy who heads up a little resistance group in the area. Everything is enlightened here, so once I level up and get some gear... its time to tear some stuff up! LOL

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  4. I'd like to know where they are selling those puppies.. I've seen like one on the "street" since they launched. AT&T is selling the hell out of GS3's around here.
    I saw one person at work with one. Then again I have seen more blackberries at work than iPhone 5s...


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    Isn't the S3 outselling the iPhone? I'd have to think Samsung has some clout as well.



    Now, yes, but for the past few years the iPhone has tromped everyone else. Apple's disruption of supply chains is well documented and their economies of scale push foxconn and other suppliers to razor thin margins on the components. Samsung will be able to command that kind of economy of scale on the GS4 but did not have the ability to place that kind of order previously.


    The GS3 did outsell the iPhone 5 in Q3 2012 and I will be interested to see the numbers for Q4 as many think the iPhone will reemerge as the top seller. Heck, for the first time I have ever seen, the newest model of the iPhone has been discounted. Apple is watching their market dominance slip through their tightly clenched fingers.


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  6. Not to say one is better than the other (I have both) and to avoid an OS debate there seems to be more information on Apples cost than others.


    "IF" (according to Google searches) it cost Apple around 200.00 to make an iPhone 5, does the Samsung Galaxy S3 or Optimus G have anything that would justify a much bigger cost?


    Doesn't Foxconn make handsets for various vendors?


    They have less of an economy of scale than Apple, but they are gouging the consumer as well.


    The cheap tablets would be equivalent to the prepaid android devices. Not high end, but functional.


    Price a 3G ipad once. That would be the equivalent device to compare to a high end Android or the iPhone. There are much cheaper units available.


    So, given the specs, I don't think $650 or so is a bad price for something like a current iPhone or Galaxy S.


    You apparently are not aware that apple is gouging customers with at least a 40% profit margin before it even ships to retailers.

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  8. New Yorkers aren't as mean as people put them out to be. We are just really straight forward and say what we mean.

    Yep. Direct communicators. That's pretty much how I see it.


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    My parents must have kidnapped me from a new york nursery...

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    I do have the Renegade and also really enjoy it. I have broken countless of them over the years. They all have broken at the hinge. If there was a rugged smartphone that could put up with the crap I have put my phone through I would grab one.


    No 800 :(


    I searched high and low for a rugged sprint flip phone and finally got one with the renegade. Then I immediately got an office job and went to a smartphone soon after.


    I heard that there will be a LTE direct connect smartphone in the dura___ line coming soon. Hopefully that will fit the bill for you. I always wished sprint would get the Casio gzone phones, but they just stay with big red. They seem like they are old hardware anyway.