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    Example of how Sprint Reps get a bad name

    Ah, all gone... Mods, always ruining the fun
  2. pyroscott

    Some news for the windows phone enthusiasts

    Microsoft and Nokia were trying hard to change that, but it is going to be really difficult for any platform to try to catch on against iOS and Android at this point with the mature ecosystems they both boast. Microsoft is going to have to look long term and throw money at the mobile platform until they hit at least 15-20% market share, then they can start expecting a return. They were going to spend millions on additional commissions for AT&T, they should extend that to VZW and Sprint too. I will say this though. I walked into the local VZW store (corporate) and the Windows phones were the first display on the left side of the store (which is where the iPhones used to reside) They also had them on a display showcasing the wireless charging capability even though the Droid DNA had no wireless charger anywhere near it... It will be interesting to see the end of year numbers to see if WP is gaining any ground.
  3. pyroscott

    HTC One preview thread (was "Any M7 takers?")

    Never used a play... Cant imagine it would be that useful as anything but a gamepad first, phone second.
  4. pyroscott

    HTC One preview thread (was "Any M7 takers?")

    Tis a shame too. Their lineup keeps getting better all the time. And they are developer friendly.
  5. pyroscott

    Some news for the windows phone enthusiasts

    Wait, what? Summer? Windows phone might be dead to rights by Summer. I'm surprised that MS didn't push for this to be sooner, A LOT sooner! And no Nokia... even big red has a Nokia model.
  6. pyroscott

    Some news for the windows phone enthusiasts

    I am not surprised by this... LOL
  7. pyroscott

    LTE in MN

    Yes, Network Vision rollout is underway in Minnesota. Please use the market thread http://s4gru.com/index.php?/topic/1693-network-visionlte-minnesota-market/ for market specific questions vs. creating a new thread just to ask a question. Topic closed.
  8. pyroscott

    Samsung Galaxy Note 2

    Several months ago. There are still plenty of times I miss the nexus...
  9. pyroscott

    Samsung Galaxy Note 2

    I called twice and asked for my MSL. I don't know if I have terrible luck, or if it really isn't as simple as people make it out to be. It is much more simple for me to use CDMA Workshop
  10. pyroscott

    Without politics...

    You don't want to know what happened on my Vegas hotel room bench then...
  11. I am almost positive that Sprint will not price match.
  12. pyroscott

    Sprint and TeleCheck

    Ah, telecheck... I remember having a check declined by those jerks and calling them up and chewing on some poor csr when I was younger. Nothing like feeling like a total deadbeat when your check is declined...
  13. MetroPCS has offered VoLTE since August 2012. http://phandroid.com/2012/08/07/metropcs-is-now-the-first-carrier-in-the-us-to-offer-voice-over-lte-with-lg-connect-4g/
  14. Yep, they pushed so hard to get everyone converted to lte devices, and now they are feeling the pain of not completing a network vision type overhaul.
  15. The iPhone 5 is the only one I know of.
  16. They can't add carriers. They only have 10x10 mhz in the upper 700 they use for lte. The best they can do is add more sites and adjust downtilt of the existing sites to split the cells.
  17. One of my friends recently switched from t-mobile to Verizon, and the salesperson at the Verizon reseller store was very condescending to him when he asked to see the iphones. He told him that the iPhone was garbage and tried to sell him the droid razr. My buddy's reaction was to leave, go to the corporate verizon store, and buy his iphones. The guy lost a sale because of his hatred for iphones. For the record, I also told him that he was an idiot for not getting the galaxy nexus, but I wasn't in line for a commission.
  18. pyroscott

    Hello from Minneapolis....

    Yes! To everything! I'll even take the 0 temp if it keeps the idiots out of here.
  19. Your "point" violates the rules of this forum, so unless you want a formal reprimand, I suggest you stop discussion on the subject.
  20. pyroscott

    All I want for Christmas...

  21. Yes, the wider cell sizes encompass more subscribers and provides lower signal strength at cell edge or in structures on the outer half of the cell, resulting in lower speeds. Rollout is much faster when you deploy that way, but if the carrier wants to maintain QOS and higher speeds as more customers upgrade to LTE devices, they would need to split the cells and thicken their coverage. The higher factor of propagation that the 700mhz spectrum has can be a negative factor if they try to thicken coverage too much though. They will encounter a lot of interference near the cell edges, much like when you start receiving 2 radio stations on the same frequency. Neither one works very well, even if one signal would be strong enough to work well, the interference causes the radio to pick up both stations and get all jumbled up giving useless playback.
  22. Discussion of unauthorized tethering is prohibited. I can respect the honesty, but please refrain from discussion of illegal activities, immoral activities or violations of the T&C's.
  23. Not sure what you're asking. Verizon has twice the spectrum that they are utilizing for their initial rollout of lte. However, in most cases, they are deploying widely spaced sites instead of on every cell site, as sprint is deploying. Verizon, and AT&T have employed the tiered pricing strategy to incentivize data offloading, and it appears to be very effective for them.
  24. Each person would have a theoretical max of 370kbps, but would likely see much less than that. So, depending on the signal strength, yes, each speed test could easily look like a 56k modem's speeds.
  25. pyroscott

    All I want for Christmas...

    What do I want for Christmas? Oh, and a new flag out front.