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  1. pyroscott

    Obama Administration rejects Death Star proposal

    LMAO, I was really pulling for that...
  2. Just to clarify, when I am acting as a moderator, and say that something is a prohibited post, it is NOT up for debate in the public forum. I don't understand why anyone would feel this is acceptable.
  3. pyroscott

    Network Vision/LTE - Boston Market (all of Massachusetts)

    Once more sites come online, the downtilt will be adjusted. The combination of more sites and better downtilt will result in stronger signal and faster speeds. Just my theory based on user experiences in more developed markets.
  4. pyroscott

    Network Vision/LTE - Boston Market (all of Massachusetts)

    You likely have a weak signal. LTE speeds are highly dependent on signal strength.
  5. Ah, still not something that should be discussed here. Discussion of ways to circumvent Sprint's control measures to enforce the Terms and Conditions is a good way to get this website shut down. I doubt anyone wants that.
  6. pyroscott

    Network Vision/LTE - Miami/West Palm Market

    Miami is still not launched, so there are bound to be fluctuations
  7. Did it kill the official sprint app for tethering? If not, then this discussion violates our rules.
  8. I'm sure they will finance them, just not "subsidize" them. That is how they handle the rest of their phones on the value plan. You pay a down payment and then finance the remainer of the phone price with your monthly bill. Or you can pay for the whole shebang up front...
  9. Um.... factory reset! I can't believe you would resist resetting this long. It might be slightly inconvient, but it is really important to reset when changing generations in Android (ICS to JB).
  10. pyroscott

    Network Vision/LTE - San Diego Market

    Not sure what you're asking... If a site is accepted for 4G, the LTE could be active immediately or be blocked for testing. If the market is launched, it will have a better chance of not being blocked, but most sites go live and accept connections right off the bat. If a site is accepted for 3G only, it has to be upgraded and accepted for 4G before you will likely see LTE coming from it. Sprint accepts the completed work. They don't accept the site for work to start on it. Does that answer your question?
  11. pyroscott

    Ingress Beta

    Posted this on Google+ in hopes of getting an invite...
  12. pyroscott

    Ingress Beta

    I also requested an invite. I have a feeling I will lose interest by the time it actually comes...
  13. The user storage is set low to save on Web hosting fees. I have photo bucket upload everything automatically, then I link to the picture. It takes another step, but it's worth it to not have ads.
  14. pyroscott

    What about Phoenix

    I deleted your rant. I also privately notified you. There is a search function on this forum, you can use it to find a lot of information regarding Phoenix.
  15. pyroscott

    The Sprint brand is damaged

    A re brand is not going to make anyone forget about Sprint's Network issues. AT&T became Cingular, only to become AT&T again. Nobody forgot about their garbage network because they changed their name.
  16. It is blocked. You can call it whatever you want outside this website, but if it is going to be discussed on s4gru, you should use the proper terminology.
  17. pyroscott

    Network Vision/LTE - Puerto Rico/Virgin Islands Market

    Please keep all future posts in english. Thanks.
  18. Wait, did you say you wear makeup? LOL
  19. pyroscott

    frequency list

    No http://www.thedailyb...rone-crash.html http://articles.lati...e-iran-20111206 You think those things are cheap? And do you want them having any chance of interference because the military has to cut back on their use of spectrum? For the US cell operators to warehouse some more spectrum? Edit: and that is just the tip of the iceburg. The government is utilizing their spectrum far more than the civilian sector is.
  20. pyroscott

    Sierra wireless tri-fi hotspot available May 18th

    If members have a problem with the way the staff handle a situation, I think the proper way to deal with it would be to PRIVATE MESSAGE them with the concerns. I've had about enough of the general lack of respect the community has for the staff. Publically questioning the actions of moderators and the site Admin is unacceptable, especially in the general forums. I don't care if it is done with tact or not. It's all about respect... Topic closed. If you have a problem with what I just wrote, PM me.
  21. pyroscott

    Without politics...

    Way too much information...
  22. pyroscott

    frequency list

    And then what happens when multi million dollar UAVs start crashing because of interference? There goes your savings and likely national security.
  23. pyroscott

    frequency list

    A lot is for military use, and no, it wouldn't be easy or safe to give it up.
  24. pyroscott

    frequency list

    I tried printing this off a while back, it didn't work so well...