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    Are phones too expensive?

    You apparently are not aware that apple is gouging customers with at least a 40% profit margin before it even ships to retailers.
  2. I'll remind everyone that debating politics is against site rules. I'm sure there are political forums out there for that. There is no reason to insert jabs in a post.
  3. pyroscott

    Hello to everyone from Plover WI!

    Welcome to S4GRU!
  4. pyroscott

    Network Vision/LTE - New York City Market

    My parents must have kidnapped me from a new york nursery...
  5. pyroscott

    Network Vision/LTE - Inland Northwest

    I searched high and low for a rugged sprint flip phone and finally got one with the renegade. Then I immediately got an office job and went to a smartphone soon after. I heard that there will be a LTE direct connect smartphone in the dura___ line coming soon. Hopefully that will fit the bill for you. I always wished sprint would get the Casio gzone phones, but they just stay with big red. They seem like they are old hardware anyway.
  6. pyroscott

    Network Vision/LTE - New Orleans Market

    I think Verizon is the main NFL wireless sponsor.
  7. pyroscott

    Network Vision/LTE - Minnesota Market

    And you should read the whole conversation before you stick your nose in it.
  8. I posted this in the sponsor section, so I will repost in the regular site to hopefully make more sense of the rollout order. Sprint is not doing the work, Sprint's contractors Samsung, Ericsson and ALU are not even doing the work. Local contractors from all over the country are doing the work. That is the reasoning for the "shotgun approach" with sites popping up all over, and it is one reason that the outlying areas seem to get upgraded before the bigger cities. My theory is that in big cities, the contractors that work on cell sites have thousands of sites in their area to work on. This includes all the major carriers and all sorts of other items that are within their realm. They have a lot going on, but they also are larger companies with more employees. Then in the outlying and rural areas, the local contractors are smaller and have less "business" in their area. If they have nothing else to do, they have the equipment and the site is ready... rock and roll! Let's get that work done boys! That is just an educated guess as to why we end up seeing some areas, that have us scratching our head, before others. There is also backhaul availability issues, permitting etc that can hinder work progression in some areas.
  9. pyroscott

    Network Vision/LTE - Inland Northwest

    Sorry, I don't have any updates, but do you really have a Renegade? I loved that phone!
  10. pyroscott

    Network Vision/LTE - Minnesota Market

    I would think that lack of LTE connectivity would be a warranty replacement.
  11. pyroscott

    Network Vision/LTE - Minnesota Market

    Also, are you rooted/unlocked/running a ROM? That could be messing with your ability to pick up LTE. I'm guessing no, since you said you accepted the JB update, but worth an ask anyway...
  12. pyroscott

    Network Vision/LTE - Minnesota Market

    Sounds like something is wrong with your phone. I would take it in to a store. They might give you some line about how LTE is not launched in the market and you might be seeing areas where it was testing and inadvertantly picked up and mapped.... But hopefully they have some way to actually test it.
  13. pyroscott

    Network Vision/LTE - Minnesota Market

    Next time you are in an area that sensorly is showing coverage, toggle airplane mode on and then back off. That will reset your radio and it will look for LTE. Otherwise, hopefully someone can tell you a place to go look or you can stand next to someone with a LTE connection and see if yours works. From all reports on this site, the EVO LTE is not good at picking up LTE in a market that has islands of LTE that are few and far between. Some have said that once the market deployment is more mature, it starts picking up LTE easier and quicker. Dang supert0nes, you beat me to it...
  14. pyroscott

    Network Vision/LTE - San Diego Market

    There were a whole pile of sites in last week's sponsor update.
  15. Go to about the 1:00 mark, the start of the second verse... Then prepare for facepalm http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5zuhxfrXocw
  16. I remember taking all my graduation money and buying a CTX from best buy. That thing should have been named POS. The good thing about it was that I bought the warranty and after a few fixes, they gave me my purchase price back on a gift card. At that point, I bought an IBM. That thing was great. Couple that with my T1 line in the dorm room... Napster was big at the time... Life was good
  17. pyroscott

    This seems like its a lie

    Ping can make a connection seem faster. I think 2Mbps is the slowest speeds I have seen anyone report on clearwire... Not sure what your intention is here? Just come here to say wimax sucks?
  18. pyroscott

    This seems like its a lie

    I believe it. You could do that on 3G if it was at least 1.5 Mbps download
  19. pyroscott

    Network Vision/LTE - Minnesota Market

  20. pyroscott

    Getting an EVO LTE by Brown Truck tomorrow

    That sucks. I was running ROMs on mine the whole time, but the wife was bone stock and had 1 LOS occurance, but it was fixed within a week of that happening with an OTA and she never had another problem. You might have had a lemon.
  21. Yes, the smaller legacy panels have a coax cable running to the cabinet. The new NV panels have RRUs that receive the signal and process it right there to reduce signal loss.
  22. pyroscott

    Getting an EVO LTE by Brown Truck tomorrow

    It seems like so long ago, but I swore off Samsung after their flip phones were FULL of bugs in the software. Then the wife wanted the GS2 when it came out because she liked her Samsung smartphones (even though they were some of the worst phones Sprint ever released) the Instinct and the Moment. After playing with the GS2, I had to trade in my 3VO for it. I've had nothing but Samsung since...
  23. pyroscott

    Getting an EVO LTE by Brown Truck tomorrow

    Interesting, I thought my GS2 was the cat's meow. Both the wife and me had a hard time giving them up when we switched phones. It was head and shoulders better than the Evo 3D I had before it.
  24. Clearwire launched their first WiMax market in January 2009. Not quite what I would consider "years" before Sprint unveiled the EVO, but a while, indeed. Inquiring is fine, but complaining is another thing. I read every post on this site and I remember the members who are continually skirting the line between complaining and "asking questions." Yes, I was stating an opinion. I know there are a lot of members in 3G only areas that would LOVE to have WiMax right now. (looking at you, Detroit, Phoenix, every rural area in US)