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  1. I am trying to stick it out and be loyal to Sprint (have been with sprint since the 90s)but am getting tempted by the better speeds and lower price of Tmo
  2. Yeah I did a speed test a little while ago, I was on B26 and I got a whooping 458k up and 3.4m up
  3. OK so I finally jumped to a multi-band N6. Was, hoping this is going to fix my woes. So far my speeds have increased in my usual spots but nothing to brag home about, Sable Park getting just over 1Mb/sec during prime buisness hours. (early morning is blistering up to 13Mb/sec but my old Note II would do the same) Home in the Trinity area, it is still as dreadful as always. no service at all inside my home without my Airave, which has to be rebooted almost daily. but most of the Trinity area you are lucky to get 250K if anything at all. Ybor, still dreadful, and IP still dreadful. (Seems the
  4. yeah it also says it has sprint ID and Direct connect. which worries me, I don't want any carrier customization.
  5. Another reason I am going with BB it is $100 less than Sprint has it for. On contract at least. Best Buy Price
  6. Because with Sprint you still have to deal with the 3rd party insurance company not directly with Sprint. my wife had an issue with her phone, and they required it to be sent in to be repaired. where as with geeksquad I get to keep my phone until the replacement comes in. they used to give you a loaner phone, if your phone was completely Dead, but they stopped that which I also don't like. And geeksquad is still lower priced.
  7. I just hope BB gets it for Sprint soon... I am getting anxious. I always buy though BB because I like the geek squad protection, even if, they are charging a deductible now. And I currently have about $200 phone credit with BB. but some of that expires at the end of Dec.
  8. could it be that there will be 2 nexus devices, the 5.9" that everyone has basically seen now. and one based directly on the Moto X using the XT 1092 model number.
  9. Hopefully... Google had enough response with the Nexus 5 having both CDMA/GSM/LTE antenna's covering all the spectrums. They should go ahead and do the same thing again. only reason it couldn't be used with Verizon is because Verizon didn't allow it.
  10. I like big phones! And really is .2" (less than 1/4") that big a difference. I mean the NOTE at 5.7 is no longer considered ridiculous. And from my understanding the iPhone 6+ is outselling the iPhone 6. If this phone comes in around the $400 mark on Google Play. I will be all over it! If it really is 5.9" it is getting close enough that I might be able to put down my Nexus 7, and use this new Nexus as my dual use device.
  11. I agree it is much better even for the uniband Note II that I have from what it was... I am hoping the next nexus device is like the current 5 in that it will work on Sprint and T-Mo. Because I figure I will buy it and see how Tri-band works for me. If I still have issues in all my regular locations I might end up jumping ship, and that would be a big deal for me because I have been with Sprint since 1997
  12. 2 Guys I work with one has a GS5 the other has an GS4mini both with "SPARK" and they are getting only marginally better at my office in Sable Park. average speeds are between 700K and and maybe 1.5M. Their upstreams are like 10M but who cares about upstream when you have down stream issues those speeds buffer video like youtube.
  13. Yeah I am starting to get tired of my Sprint service. Seems everywhere I actually go I have little to no services. I have had alot of friends jumping ship to T-Mo. 3 main places I go, Sable Park area (I get spotty coverage from no "no network" to maybe 2Mbps) IP, Terrible signal there most the time less than 100Kbps, and the Trinity area, mostly 3G coverage with less than 300Kbps. in comparison I borrowed a friends "4G" GSM not even LTE T-Mo LG phone, to test signals, and I was getting 5-8 Mbps in all the same locations and that is not even using LTE. I am still using an older Note II b
  14. So how much of the area is covered by SPARK now? I have been away from the forum for a while, a co-worker just got a s4-mini and he has the little spinning spark wheel next to the 4G but his speeds are no better than my Note 2, between 1.2 and 3.5 Mbps
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