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  1. Let me apologize in advance for being lazy (not a lot of days off lately) and only skimming through the thread, so far. I am pretty sure this must have been asked in some form already. Are there maps showing both the scheduled towers and the confirmed completed towers? It might be hard/not-possible, but worth asking. Thank you for all the info! S4G rulez!!
  2. Yea, Sepulveda pass ty. I haven't had issues with calls, only a two drops that I cam remember out of tons since I am there a lot, but 3G seems to have gotten slightly better. Not enough for anything more than a quick 1 post mention though, more like a tiny difference that os getting me exited with anticipation over the impending LTE switch flip!
  3. I am not 100% but I am inclined to say that the stretch of the 405 that goes over the hill (from the valley over tosanta monica) has a bit faster 3G as of a month or so ago. There is still a patch where data cuts out but I also think coverage got a little better. I didn't clock speeds or I would compare.
  4. I've asked often and regularly. There is no official information on LTE release. If a rep told you something it was most likely their own personal opinon/guess and they just failed to point that out. In fact, it wouldn't be a surprise at all if that was an opinion partially based on what he/she learned on this forum.
  5. Agreed. There is no doubt at al that Sprint needs to make a lot of noise, and rush rollout as much as possible to make iPhone 5 buyers feel like they will have all the new phone has to offer with Sprint as their carrier. The importance of iPhone 5 sales for Sprint cant be overstated.
  6. Hello forum! I am very interested in following the progress of the LTE deployment across Los Angeles. I have lots of friends with Sprint LTE phones that I see every day, so I should be able to get lots of info once the switch is flipped... LET IT BEGIN!!! Thank you to te moderators, contrbutors and sponsors for making this place possible. I just chipped ina little something, not a lot but what was able to spare. Hope it helps!
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