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  1. Not that it matters much but I am seeing the 2nd carrier on more sites in CR the last few weeks, at first it was just a few now I'm seeing it quite a bit. 5x5
  2. IDOT would disagree with you considering they're the ones that said it you can take it up with them.
  3. I wasn't lecturing you, dude. I've done everything I can do to report it to Sprint. I've emailed the CEO even, they tell me it's not scheduled to be upgraded. I'm not here to complain but I am pointing out basic information here. I have a Nexus device, that means no Sprint Zone app. If you're fine installing 3rd party APKs then that's your decision but I don't install APKs outside of the Play store. And no one even knows if reports from Sprint Zone sideloaded even go anywhere. So calm down dude. I've done plenty to help my situation. I've mentioned it here -- a site which you yourself claim Sprint engineers visit (one even private messaged me about this after I posted it here) and I've emailed the CEO. I haven't used the Sprint Zone app, but no one can even say if that would help, since no one knows what happens to reports when the app is sideloaded. I'm done discussing this.
  4. I-380 is one of the heaviest traveled interstates in the United States. It's a spur off I80 which is the heaviest traveled interstate highway in the entire USA. The corridor between the quad cities and I35 in Des Moines is the heaviest traveled stretch of the heaviest traveled interstate in the US Traffic volumes vary from 47,000 to 83,500 vehicles per day
  5. iWireless is managing the LTE build out for T-Mobile in Des Moines. If they do anything near as good of a job as they did in Eastern Iowa (they had Nokia come in and completely rebuild every single site) then you're in for a treat. I watched as iWireless rebuilt their network from the ground up and like you said their density is insane. Their LTE in Eastern Iowa is on par with Verizon I have found, now granted I usually only travel between Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, and Muscatine. But in those markets, and regardless of what back roads I take between them, solid LTE the entire way. They managed to build that in less than a year.
  6. If Sprint's engineering department doesn't know to prioritize a site that is on the heaviest traveled interstate highway in Eastern Iowa and one of the top traveled interstate highways in the United States they have bigger problems than I can help them with. That said, I've had my iWireless SIM in the whole last week, haven't used Sprint once. Been nice to constantly see LTE everywhere I go for the last week as opposed to sitting on EVDO 80+% of the time. I may bite the bullet and drop Sprint and go from $25/mo Framily to $35/mo megatalk LTE.
  7. While I appreciate the sentiment and effort, as a security conscious consumer I don't install unknown APKs on my device. Although this one is signed with something called "Sprint Android Production Key" since I can't validate that certificate and I assume Sprint won't publish their known signing cert public key somewhere for validation, I'll just have to go without.
  8. For me there is a guy on reddit.com/r/sprint who works in engineering who looked it up for me. He said the only way to get the site upgraded to LTE was to submit a report through Sprint zone app, except I don't have that on my N5 so can't do it. Anyway there's no way they don't know that a site along the 380 corridor isn't running LTE, tens of thousands of commuters drive that route every day and hand off to this site. During rush hour the EVDO is so overloaded that I can't even get a speed test to complete and I get the bang "!" next to 3G... off times I can get tolerable service from the site. Even more frustrating is that there's even an extra unused basket at the top of the site from the old Nextel equipment, it makes no sense why it hasn't been upgraded. Site photo: http://imgur.com/cijthLK I sent you a PM with the BID of the site that is killing the 380 corridor for Sprint.
  9. Yeah I am on framily too (line 8 and 9) which makes it hard to switch. 14 days of iwireless for free though to test made it noce. For me coverage on 380 is near critical since I am often stuck on long Google hangouts while driving home. iwireless is solid the whole way where as Sprint switches to EVDO for half the drive
  10. No kidding very frustrating to spend most my day on EVDO when all the sites have upgraded to Ethernet backhaul. I am testing iwireless lte and can say they have eclipsed Sprints LTE buildout in eastern Iowa, I rarely drop LTE now.
  11. It's usable, except for the south end of Cedar Rapids by the airport... where they still haven't added LTE on the Swisher exit site. My friend who works for Sprint confirmed for me that site is ethernet fed so no one really knows why they haven't done any sort of GMO LTE upgrade at the least for that site.
  12. It was bouncing between carriers so I took a ss of both. http://imgur.com/a/Q5H4p
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