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  1. RT @ProduceLikeAPro: Music: When the ‘experts’ are telling you are doing it wrong, just remember this Ernest Hemingway quote:- We Are All A…

  2. Addicted to watching #soundbreaking on @PBS #checkitout https://t.co/I88MIcdUgK

  3. https://t.co/SmZ8UrcQMs

  4. RT @outsidemagazine: "Over time, it's easy to put yourself inside an invisible prison. The bars are made of money, expectations, obligation…

  5. @TabloTV Will the cloud service become available to older TabloTV devices?

  6. We made it! Plan to ski #bridgerbowl tomorrow. https://t.co/OhmAhnhDSm https://t.co/haaiBCkH7V

  7. RT @edutopia: On his birthday, we’re remembering a big champion of SEL, Mister Rogers. https://t.co/LwGhLtsVFC

  8. RT @RollingStone: Pearl Jam unveil new protest song "Can't Deny Me," the band's first new track in five years https://t.co/ObpAfyljF1

  9. https://t.co/EaoHwg5jUc

  10. RT @Fallabel: Thanks to @Athleta for keeping it real! Women and athletes have diabetes too and I appreciate that it’s normalized in your co…

  11. RT @herdyshepherd1: I love today. Blizzard and all. Sheep safe and fed. Life goes on. I love every day. If you aren’t dead you are winnin…

  12. RT @krassenstein: The following companies have cut ties with the NRA over the last 24 hours. - Enterprise - Wyndham - Metlife - Hertz - B…

  13. RT @signalapp: Today, we are launching the Signal Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a mission to develop open source privacy technolog…

  14. RT @tom_nalyob: In America, they say the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. But that just sounds like someon…

  15. @PhilSoutherland Thanks for sharing these @PhilSoutherland ! I'd love to see nutrition in tandem with bg data. What… https://t.co/erzRqlC42D

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