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  1. It most definitely switched to CDMA, however I only tested an outgoing call.
  2. My parents are in town for the weekend and my mom has her US Cellular iPhone with. I was helping her with some typical older parent owning a smart phone type questions and noticed she had pretty strong signal for Sprint at my house. I pulled up field test and it's connected to B4. The device seems to be using T-Mobile LTE but Sprint for voice. Previously it's only used Sprint when visiting. Is USCC roaming onto T-Mobile new? That's crazy how it can switch providers pretty seamlessly.
  3. Yeah, they are very similar. The only thing I can think of is the Clear gear is quite a bit lower on the tower and looks to be below the tree line of nearby pine trees whereas the ATT equipment at the top looks above the tree line. ATT, Verizon & T-Mobile have put their equipment on the top three separate poles, just above the tree line in the same vicinity. Now that I type that out it does seem very plausible that could be the issue.
  4. I'm impressed with ATT's B30 signal strength at my house vs the Sprint Clearwire site that serves me. I see -115dbm on B41 and -96dbm on B30. Both signals originate from the same area and both are checked on iPhone 6S's. I don't seem to have CA with ATT on this tower. Sprint does, and the 20+20 tdd smokes ATT's 10x10 fdd in download speeds.
  5. These are what I assume are Verizon small cell's around my area. They have them all over the place at this point, ranging from retail areas like this to residential neighborhoods. I don't have a way to confirm they are Verizon, but they sure don't seem to be Sprint or AT&T and I don't think there's anyway they are T-Mobile. Anyway, they did a great job installing all of them. I bet most people don't even notice they are there. If you turn yourself all the way around in that link, you can see a Sprint macro in the background that towers over the Sprint HQ.
  6. Thanks! I've been have trouble coming up with something small for my wife. She's been shoving her 6 into an armband designed for the 5. I'm afraid every time she takes the phone out it's going to fly across the room!
  7. Ah, got it. I was not eligible to receive the $7/mo discount so it made sense for me to keep my existing phone and do something else with it. Although, $7/mo + $15/mo in discounts to lease a brand new device would've been a hell of deal!
  8. I leased an iPhone for the first time last week, so I recently did the math on this. I like having a newer phone, traditionally every two years, however the upgrade option w/ iPhone forever could be appealing to me. I'll have to see what the numbers look like at the time I can upgrade early. I'm also not completely sold on leasing should anything go wrong, but on paper, it seems to make sense for me. On my plan (SWAC), it works out close enough over a two year period that financially I don't think it really matters what option I pick. My plan cost is $40 per phone. I receive a $15 credit per device leased or on easy pay. We only have iPhone's, so my device cost upfront is always fairly significant if I go with the newest model and upgrade the storage. I have not taken taxes into consideration on this post and there is also a cost benefit not realized in these numbers if I elected to sell a device at the end of a 2 year or easy pay term. But I hate dealing with that and paying slightly more over two years would be worth not dealing with that hassle to me. 2 Year: (40*24)+$300= $1260 Easy Pay: (40*24)+(32-15)*24= $1368 Lease*: (40*21)+(26-15)*21= $1071 Lease w/ buyout: (40*21)+(26-15)*21+187= $1258 *My lease is 21 months. I've yet to figure out why they have a 21 or 22 month lease and forgot to ask the rep why they have two lease options 1 month apart. Edit: I picked lease on the poll since that's what I did on my most recent upgrade.
  9. I'm late to the CA party as well having just picked up a 6S Friday night. I'm impressed with CA as well! Out of complete curiosity, I did a speed test with my wife's 6 and saw 30.92Mbps and then with my 6S saw 56.72. Both phones had around -115dbm on Clear B41 in my house.
  10. Thanks! My formatting and links in the quote section of my post went bye bye.
  11. It's now live on the site now.
  12. I'm a little bummed it sounds like existing phones can't be on Easy Pay to be eligible for the offer. I guess I'll find out for sure tomorrow.
  13. Yes on 9.1 w/ an iPhone 6. I restarted my phone yesterday afternoon and haven't had the issue come back yet... We'll see if that actually fixed the issue or not as I go throughout the day today.
  14. Is this changing though? It seems nearly every site around me has received a second NV antenna in the last month or so.
  15. I'd believe it. For me 19.1 introduced the issues and 20.1 just continued on with the same.
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