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  1. https://www.engadget.com/amp/2019/08/27/sprint-s-5g-network-in-nyc-isn-t-crazy-fast-but-it-s-fast-enoug/


    Turns out, Sprint does use "true" 5G for its uploads, but a spokesperson argued that "80 percent" of the carrier's network is on the downlink," and that it could add more uplink capacity if it needed to.

    It sounds like they're using standalone with TDD config 5, at least in NYC.

  2. On 8/27/2019 at 3:40 PM, Rawvega said:


    Does anyone know if this phone has 1x800? Granted, at this point that may not be a big deal to most people, but it might matter to those on the fringes of coverage.

    I can't find any information on band support, or an FCC ID. Nothing on the OnePlus website either.

    I would assume they would throw in BC10, as it shouldn't be difficult when the 7 pro already supported BC0.

    Edit: It does support BC10: https://fcc.report/FCC-ID/2ABZ2-GM1925

  3. Do we know of any future 5G devices headed to Sprint by the end of the year? I assume the Galaxy Note 10. Anything else though?

    When X55 modem devices start coming in, will T-Mobile and Sprint share the same models with support for N260, N261, N71, and N41? What about N12, N25, or N66?

  4. They have so little of 800 it can't handle much traffic. Once they have added all the macro, mini macro and small cells 1900/2500 should hopefully eliminate the need for 800. Unless someone wants to sell them more of 800, idk who that would be. Maybe Verizon trades 800 for some 2500? After they acquire 600?


    Verizon won't let the cellular band leave its hands.

  5. Sprint had Verizon EVDO roaming on individual accounts in southern Ohio when I was there just last year. Not surprised that they opened in up nationwide. Verizon probably didn't charge any more for roaming EVDO since the data allotment didn't change.


    I don't think Verizon every charged more for EVDO, Sprint just preferred everyone on 1X so they wouldn't use as much data.

  6. I was playing around last night with RootMetrics, Sensorly, Open signal I came across something very weird/ interesting?


    First of all, Boost mobile uses 100% of Sprint's towers correct? Not shared with another company? (Other than roaming obviously).


    My observation is, I was looking at the mapping for Sprint and is very weak and many parts blank... Just for fun I switched to Boost thinking it was going going to be identical. Nope! Other than customer mapping, can anyone care to explain why Boost shows amazing coverage over Sprint "parent" company? See attached pics.


    The difference is ridiculous.


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    How do other prepaid carriers and their postpaid counterparts compare?

  7. I am now using my galaxy s6 without a case. Hopefully this helps sprint analyze data using their big data tools more accurately.


    What you do with your phone is a drop of water in an ocean. You aren't going to skew any of Sprint's data one way or another. Sprint's engineers know about the propagation effects of cell phone cases, and have an idea about how many people use them.

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