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  1. I myself like playstation better then xbox. Still love my ps controller, I know blasphemy but i love it haha. Right now i have 360 and ps3/psvita and trophies FTW heh. But i love both consoles but playstatoin has more RPG's that i like aka persona 4, ys: memories of celceta etc. Not much of a halo fan or call of duty.
  2. happy birthday.. i hope it is cuz i did not feel like reading the rest.
  3. i like going on and killing random people . tho i do like saints row 3 better then gta iv. my favorite games are final fantasy 3 7 and tactics, sacred 2, old castlevania, everquest mmorpg, ico, shadow of the colossus etc. any good rpg or survival horror is my thing.
  4. i guess no body saw what he was doing in his char??
  5. Sprint Rural Alliance (SRA) members (aka Sprint Partners) are those carriers who use their own equipment and also sell their own service under their own name while using Sprint spectrum. Sprint is given access to the SRA network in return for allowing use of Sprint spectrum. This allows Sprint to keep the spectrum license for the geographic area being served by the SRA member. SRA Members: Alaska DigiTel in Alaska and NTelos in West Virginia and western Virginia. Former SRA Members: Alltel Wireless in Montana. This portion of the network was obtained by AT&T during the merger of Alltel and Verizon Wireless. Pioneer Cellular in Kansas and Oklahoma ended their agreement with Sprint on March 1, 2012. They have since transitioned to an agreement with Verizon Wireless through the LTE in Rural America program. NexTech Wireless in Kansas and portions of eastern Colorado ended their agreement with Sprint on June 14, 2013. from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sprint_Corporation i am not sure how correct it is but there is some info
  6. i have not seen anything like this site, robert (and people i am not sure of, of corse) do an awesome job getting information. all the people have been very helpful thats why i come here, tho i do not have sprint yet and i am still new. id believe vzw and att has good enough coverage that most people dont care to make maps but just my 2c.
  7. oh i did not realise it came out the other day thought it was earlier then that thanks for the info!
  8. hey guys, anybody get the new galaxy s4? reception just as good? better? about to jump to the phone since its the tri band phone i think i will like! lemme know the good and bad hope everyone enjoying new years and had a good christmas
  9. currently in my room i am gettin 115-122 lte and 100-115 dmb 1x on signal check
  10. @jdd i was on page plus (verizon mvno) and they been really good for a pre paid .. just slow internet @the dave awesome to hear i am looking forward to it tbh i have not had a major carrier since verizon 2 years ago and really have not had much of an issue with them or cs for them. but 110 a month plus tax is a no go for me. also i just got the free phone to test out the network in general. i plan on getting a g2 for the triband device.
  11. oh and PS i live in statesville nc close to 77 off 49a exit, usually travel to mooresville and charlotte a bit
  12. thanks for all the replys !! yeah i was hearing some issues with tribanddevices so i decided to stay away and if it came to my town i would just pay full price if i had to later on. right now i dont like the s3 myself, i dont know why the samsung keyboard does not auto correct arrrggg. i was looking at the g2 myself for the better battery life and such seems to be a good phone except the external storage thing is kinda bothering me but i guess i can stream with unlimited data . has any body had any real issues with billing? or are the bills usually pretty good? i get a 18% discount from work so should help a good bit. thanks again guys for all the help
  13. just signed up for my sprint service after a lot of reading and searching. so far so good, i somewhat get lte at my house and got 4g outside. i updated my prl's and stuff so should be better around here with 4g YAY. now the question i got the s3 for free so i am testing it out with this, is there any better phone that has stronger signal strenth then the s3 (i have heard the note 2 is better with LTE). currently i am not in an area where triband would benifit me so im down for any of the options. i have been thinking about picking up the 5s (yes im an apple guy flame on) or the samsung ativ to play with for a while ' any ideas thanks!!!
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