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  1. Yes, in the Harrisburg PA area, I have trouble with outgoing voice on some phone calls because the upload speed is so bad. Web pages can take forever to load as well. Usually, I just give up and use my Verizon phone. Supposed to get the low frequencies on a Sprint tower near me in about a year. Currently said Sprint tower stomps on the very usable T-Mobile 5G stand alone NR signal. They just don't have the system set up properly yet.
  2. My girlfriend's S21, does that, my S21 Ultra , does it and my Note 20 Ultra 5G does it. I'm thinking it's more of the T-Mobile system rether than all of these phones. Sure would be nice to hear from owners of Motorola and LG devices to see if they get the infamous "No Connection" and band jumping that so many of us with Samsung devices are experiencing. All the phones that I mentioned above are factory unlocked non-carrier versions. Actually, I just remembered, I have a T-Mobile LG V20, which of course is not 5G, but when I put my T-Mobile SIM in it, the V20 jumped bands and also got the "No Connection" message. It's got to be growing pains of the T-Mobile system causing these sorts of issues. Hopefully in a year or so things will start to settle down as T-Mobile takes over the Sprint sites and converts them. T-Mobile tends to work rather rapidly on these sorts of things...
  3. Yes, this is to be expected. I was speaking to the engineer that runs all the T-Mobile cell towers in most of my State (PA). He's got quite a big territory. The engineer tweaked the towers around my house, so I would have minimal problems in the meantime. I'm very please with the attention that I was given by T-Mobile. You definitely would not get that from AT&T or Verizon!
  4. Yeah, it's all messed up. I came home from grocery shopping this morning. I was still in the car in my driveway and called the neighbor across the street. I picked up an item for them. The entire trip home I was streaming Spotify. No issues there. The phone call was all garbled to the point I had to hang up and call back on my Verizon phone. It turns out when I checked the band with Signal Check Pro afterwards, that I was on HSPA. After an airplane mode cycle, I latched onto 5G N71. What the heck wax the deal with connecting to HSPA? I was using my Note 20 Ultra 5G phone. This same thing has happened to my girlfriend with her S21 5G. Very frustrating.
  5. I know the site near me in Harrisburg PA is supposed to get all the low frequency bands where the existing Sprint gear is now. I'm crossing my fingers!
  6. I'm hoping that they just don't have the logic programmed into the base stations yet. I have the same situation in the Harrisburg PA area. I can hold onto a -123 dBm signal on band 25 or band 2 when a nice -98 dBm signal is available on band 71 or n71. Makes absolutely no sense. I do have the momentary "No Signal" lapse between locking onto the next band though. That appears to be more widespread than I thought...
  7. That same behavior happens around the Harrisburg PA area as well. The phone (Note 20 Ultra 5G) bounces between bands with moments of "no connection). I've noticed that other people's T-Mobile phones exhibit the same behavior. It's not only just my phone. The strange thing is that when Signal Check Pro shows "no connection" during a VoLTE phone call, the call is not interuped, nor does it drop. Hopefully in the next year or so as the Sprint sites are converted over to T-Mobile, the system will be tweaked to have the phone park on a band with a good signal and stay there instead of the band hopping that currently persists.
  8. When the Sprint sites are shut down, will the frequencies be reused as T-Mobile frequencies? 1900 MHz, 850 MHz & 2500 MHz? I've heard that the Sprint site near me will be broadcasting low frequencies and 5G next year.
  9. According to the engineer that I was dealing with, Shentel is still running the site. He had to go through legal channels to get the Shentel personnel to make the changes that he wanted. He said it'll be about another year before T-Mobile will have control of the site. In the meantime any changes still have to go through Shentel.
  10. I am very impressed with the T-Mobile engineering team. It was rough for them because Shetel still owns the tower that was causing all my signal problems, but they adjusted the band 41 cut off point so that when it reaches -113 dBm, the phone will search for T-Mobile band 71. I am so impressed with the attention they gave to me as a T-Mobile customer. You definitely would not get this type of help and concern from AT&T or Verizon. T-Mobile actually cared about my reception and customer experience! I'll be a T-Mobile customer for life!
  11. I'm not in the best signal area. Since T-Mobile has built up the network, I do get a much better signal at my house though. I'm hoping to get a Femtocell. That would solve most of my issues. The problem is they do not, at this point, have the newly lit up Sprint signals set up properly and they stomp on the perfectly good T-Mobile signals.
  12. I can actually get stand alone 5G NR inside my house now that I excluded the Sprint bands. The system is not set up properly. With the Sprint bands active they stomp on top of the native T-Mobile bands. I've been going round and round with them for weeks on this. I don't see a need for the Sprint bands, even as fill in, as there is excellent native T-Mobile coverage.
  13. With the Samsung Band Select app in the same exact location, this is what I can get in my house.
  14. Latches on to Sprint and only sees Sprint as neighbor cells. Completely ignores all the available good signal from T-Mo.
  15. I did download that app last night. I saw mention of it earlier in this thread. It solved (...put a bandaid on...) the issue temporarily. Found out that I had to reboot to make it stick. Thanks!
  16. I'm receiving band 41 in the Harrisburg PA (Swatara Township) area as a T-Mobile customer. The Sprint bands are still run by a third party here (I'm thinking Shentel). Band 41, 25 & 26 just lit up a few weeks ago in this area for T-Mobile. This totally messed my signal up at my residence. I used to get great T-Mobile reception, now my phone (a factory unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra) locks onto band 41 and won't switch back over to the better T-Mobile bands available at my residence (71, 66, 12, 4, n71 etc...). The download on B41 is good, but the upload can be as slow as 0.01 Mbps which totally messes up VoLTE phone calls. The only way to regain T-Mobile frequency bands is to either put the phone in the microwave (not on of course) to act as a Faraday Cage, or move out of the area, then back in. Usually, I end up back on B41 within 5 minutes again anyway. I think the control channel programming logic is all screwed up. I should be on the best usable band for phone calls. Before Sprint bands lit up, if my phone were idling on a poor signal band, it would switch to B12, N71 or N71 when a phone call came in. This nemesis B41 stays locked onto my phone at even -129 dBm. The only way to get rid of it is to put the phone in the microwave, at which point it will switch to a T-MOBILE band and remain there for the rest of the phone call. I really wish they'd get this fixed or give me a femtocell so I can at least make reliable phone calls. My WiFi is spotty. Customer service is actually worse than Verizon and that's saying something. I know more than the level 2 "experts". It's so frustrating!!! Same happens to me. T-Mobile SIM connecting to a Sprint B41. Never switches back to T-Mo even at -129 dBm. All screwed up.
  17. Thanks for the article. The best write-up I've seen on the 6P!
  18. The international version (H815) will only work on GSM networks. Sprint is CDMA.
  19. It appears the international G4 H815 really tops all the carrier branded G4's. I'm getting 6 plus hours screen on time and 2 days between recharges. This thing is a beast. I like my screen on torch mode as well. I use YAAB auto brightness app and have the minimum brightness set to 60%
  20. I feel for you. Those backs ARE very expensive. I got a spare brown leather back for my G4 on ebay from Korea. It cost me over $70 when they first came out. I'm sure if you contacted LG about this phenomenon, they'd flatly deny all charges. "You're the only person experiencing this, we never heard this before etc, etc, ... " Very frustrating when you pay good money for your device.
  21. Since I have a G3 and G4 on AT&T, I can also say that my international H815 leather backed G4 gets much better LTE reception than my G3 (the blue version from Best Buy) My Sprint G3 works very well.
  22. There's something just not quite right about some LG phones. My Sprint LG G3 works well. My AT&T LG G3 is awful. I can attenuate The signal by as much as 6 dBm just by putting a clear silicone case on it. At first I thought that possibly the case had some sort of metal in it that was acting like a Faraday cage. I tried multiple brands of cases and they all attenuate the signal. Never did figure that out. I have the international LG G4 H815 with a brown leather back which I am using on AT&T. I do not see any signal attenuation with the leather back in place. I also tried some silicone cases on the H815 with no signal attenuation either. This is a very strange phenomenon. I know exactly what you are talking about as I too have witnessed this.
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