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  1. iphone 5 is great. better than any android phone i had. but its lacking the 1 feature i need, svdo.
  2. hi, just curious how you like the viper 3g and lte connectivity , and the phone in a whole. thanks
  3. thanks for the info, i wonder if there is any machines that support svdo that are coming to sprint soon
  4. thanks for that, that takes it off my to get list. any other phone on sprint that support SVDO besides the note 2 and gs3? thanks
  5. thanks for the reply, but since i have no clue about SVDO or SVLTE , can you explain if it does voice/data at the same time on 3g and lte? thanks
  6. thats for LG Eclipse 4G, not the optimus g
  7. hello all, can any one shed some light if the optimus g can do voice/data on 3g and LTE simultaneously? thanks
  8. now that the optimus g came into play, the decision between the sg3 and the lg is even harder. it will probably come down to voice/data radio for me, so any input will help
  9. where do you see such a gift card?
  10. in your opinions, which would have better radio for calls and lte, gs3 or the optimus g? also, will the optimus g support simulatous voice/data on lte and 3g?
  11. would you still say it even in comparison to the new lg optimus g that is coming in a week?
  12. hello all, just wondering if anyone here came fro the iphone 5 to the s3, and can say which ones of these 2 handles calls or data better. hasitent to make the jump from my ip5 that cant make simultaneous call/data to the gs3 that can do it on both LTE an 3g. help...
  13. need your input as to which of these phones will act better as a phone to make and receive calls, and which one of them has a better radio for 3g and lte data. thanks
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