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  1. @blakebaa - Here's another one I took. Not fast at all lol.
  2. @nexgencpu - I always check the engineering screen to make sure CA is accurate. I know what I'm looking for.
  3. @Tengen31 - They really need to continue getting the Twin Cities fully covered before Duluth because we have the Super Bowl coming up at US Bank Stadium less than a year from now and I barely see 3xca throughout the Twin Cities - especially Downtown where I've only picked 3xca once and that was literally a second and then it was gone. I'm still waiting for a B41 tower to come in my home area west of the Twin Cities.....I only have B25 and B26 and both are extremely slow due to the amount of devices on the tower now.
  4. @Tengen31 - Here's when I was driving back through Iowa when my phone claimed it was roaming on AT&T but it was actually roaming on US Cellular/Midwest Wireless.....extended network roaming. I ended up roaming for about 2 hours straight.
  5. I finally received LTE at home! I received the text that they're working on the network in my area on October 18th, 2013. I'm glad I finally have LTE.....I can now do a lot more without waiting forever (using 3G was way too slow)! By the way, when www.network.sprint.com updated my tower for "data upgrade" on January 20, it took 7 days for the tower to actually turn LTE on. I kept trying daily (power cycled my phone, updated my Profile and PRL) and at 12:05PM the LTE kicked into my iPhone 5 and Mifi 500. It may take a week for the tower to actually enable the LTE so give it time even though Sprint said they put LTE in your tower.
  6. Awesome - yeah it is getting lit up each week. I got a LTE signal in my neighborhood at one spot 4 bars and was able to complete a speed test....it was 24 down and 14 up...but then I lost that signal and haven't gotten it since!
  7. Yeah....briefly in Wayzata. I get it at Mcdonalds and at Lunds (sometimes at Lunds only) but no where else other Sensorly users have reported they got it. Do you have LTE in St. Paul?
  8. Thanks for the information! Yeah, it is hard to estimate the timing for it! I hope it comes out soon - been in different areas and have it every now and then!
  9. When do you think Minneapolis, MN area will have official LTE? I'm waiting for it....can't wait to have it! I know this isn't the official "Minneapolis" page on this forum....but I'd love some updates on it...I know it's hard to know. I'm in zip code 55391 (Wayzata, MN).
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