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  1. There is a supplemental map mentioned in the filing, which would be really helpful to know where exactly they are drawing the boundaries, but unfortunately I can't find it on the FCC'S site.
  2. On the strip for the weekend and so far it hasn't been too bad. I'm almost always on LTE in and around TI but it is often over burdened. Still faring better than T-Mobile in most parts. Got this this morning in the Venetian grand canal shops.
  3. Good info. Too bad they don't mention their progress on deploying 800Mhz 1x and how far in advance that will come before LTE. I'd love to have LTE at all times indoors, but I'd settle to first have a good calling experience.
  4. I'm going to try to ask him if he knows the completion date, but I get the impression that he doesn't know many details. He just started.
  5. Found out that a friend is working on re-tuning radios for an LA bus agency (presumably Metro) that involves frequencies in the 800Mhz spectrum. Wasn't able to get many details from him, but I'm assuming this is connected with the rebanding effort. Encouraging to see that action is taking place.
  6. So is that strictly SMS or is it SMS/MMS? I have several family members who would be really happy if it is also MMS...
  7. Sorry, when you say "retain the ability to have HD Voice while WiFi calling is activated on your line", do you mean that the phone can do HD Voice while on cellular and WiFi Calling is activated (but WiFi calls are still non-HD) or does that mean that both cellular and WiFi calls are HD?
  8. What would be the purpose of that? Are they trying to separate all of the network assets from the core business so that it's easier to restructure?
  9. I wish I could say that Angelinos could possibly have this kind of respect for their fellow riders, but that is sadly not the case. Tons of people have no problem making loud calls on the light-rail trains that run above ground (and thus have cell service). The only thing that stops them is when those trains occasionally have to go through an underground tunnel. Maybe that attitude will change since underground cell service is a comparatively precious commodity, but I'm skeptical.
  10. The (mostly) peace and quiet I enjoy on the subway will soon be coming to an end...
  11. Anyone have insight into what the expected completion date is for the San Bernardino transition? I think the FCC set the original deadline to be February of this year, but it's unclear how the extension that was granted last year affected it.
  12. I've been seeing much improved B25 performance in Brea. I'm assuming that it is due to multiple B25 carriers, but I'm getting LTE in places that I haven't seen it for years. Initially I thought that maybe it was due to more people being out on vacation in the business park, so I held off on judging the performance, but it's been over a week and B25 is still going strong.
  13. Data is definitely getting better, but call quality is still a little so so in the north. Really hoping they start converting Clearwire towers to full builds soon. That would be a tremendous help.
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