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  1. If I happen to see it again I might take my chances and stop by to be nosy
  2. That's exactly the truck I saw. I saw it up on Airport road today @ 120 Clifttop Dr, Beaver, WV 25813 . Ive seen it all over town the past few weeks.
  3. I've seen a Silverado pickup plastered in Sprint branding visiting cell sites around the Beckley area. He was in a parking lot below a Sprint site doing something on a laptop not sure if this is notable or something routine?
  4. My personal experience back in 2015 when it was still run through nTelos they had a lot of B41 in Charleston/Huntington/Morgantown/Princeton but I never once saw it here in Beckley, even still 3 years later I frequently check via my family members devices for B41 and it's still a no show.
  5. Curious, does anybody know why customers in old nTelos land arent eligible for Magic Boxes? I figured it was just my area at first due to the lack of B41 but I've punched in addresses in various cities and they all turn out ineligible. Is this just a technical downside of living in an affiliate coverage area as opposed to Sprint directly?
  6. The tweet was from the Raleigh County Chamber account it seems to be open to the public and has an RSVP number to call. I am going to try my best to go just to hear what they have to say. Hopefully, it is more than just s promotional thing to have people sign up.
  7. Has anybody noticed a speed increase in the area? LTE in Beckley consistently pulls 30 download when just a few weeks ago it was difficult to break 10.
  8. So maybe someone can help me out with this. My mother has been complaining for the past two or three days about service issues at her work. I, optimistically, assumed tower work because she said she is on 1X and can't receive messages or anything. However, today she made a call to complain and what she was told blew my mind. They did the usual ##UPDATE# and restart the device blah blah blah and with her still on 1X was told that actually, she isn't covered at all an that the nearest sprint tower is over 5 miles away. The screenshot blow is her workplace (Walmart) and a pin dropped across the street at the Sprint tower. She was also told her data isn't working because she has exceeded her 100mb roaming limit even though the data chart on Sprint's website shows that there are only 10mb used this billing period, again screenshot below. Of course my mother responds stating that just a week ago and for the past 5 years at the same desk she has had 4 bars of 3G/LTE in her office that she uses to tether her iPad to. The representative responds saying it was a glitch on the phone or an anomaly with her service because Sprint has never covered that area. Also in the screenshots is from the nTelos coverage map which is much more detailed and precise about actual coverage and it clearly shows the tower location in the middle of the swirly bits and that the best coverage is at her work so there is no way they can tell me they have never covered the area and that the nearest tower is over 5 miles away. https://goo.gl/photos/p6vYfp7QgRPPgo7L8
  9. Little Beckley now has three Sprint stores now due to the conversion of both nTelos stores in less than a week. They gutted the store, painted the walls yellow and popped up some tables in a matter of days, i've never seen a store be converted so quickly.
  10. I noticed today when leaving work that all the nTelos employees were wearing Sprint lanyards. I'm sure that will throw a lot of customers off seeing as how it is still nTelos branding everywhere else.
  11. Type *3001#12345#* into the dialer and hit call and it will take you to the engineering screen. Tap freq band indicator and this screen will appear. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I stand corrected. B26 in Beckley now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Still following this roll out even though I've now switched carriers. Many towers in Beckley have began to have 3 extra antennas so 2 per sector. I saw one yesterday and thought I might have just seen it wrong since I was driving but just now on my way to class the tower by my campus had workers on it and each sector has an extra antenna to it. Is this just extra capacity adding a second carrier like the above post in Charleston? I don't have a sprint phone to test it with currently but I know last time I curiously checked my mothers phone there is still ONLY B25 in the Beckley area. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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