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  1. Pulled up field test and I looks like I’m bouncing between a B41 and a B25 site with db strength over -115db all the time. Which makes sense why my coverage is trash. Does the site ID correlate to the maps on the sponser side? (I still haven’t been upgraded yet)
  2. Running iOS, iPhone XS which is why I switch back to sprint. Their deal was insane. So no, I’m not running SCP.
  3. It’s interesting you should say that as sprint CS is telling me the primary site serving my area is down right now and that’s why I’m getting 500 ping and .8 up and down.
  4. Well I am glad its not just me. I was stunned when I got 3G in the parking lot of the McDonalds on Gender today. Got .8 up and .9 down with a 500ms ping at my house (in canal) Im glad Sprint has a 14 day return period. We're going to kick the tires some more but it doesn't look good.
  5. Interesting...so more of a small cell. Nice! That would solve my problem inside my house but doesn't solve the 500 ping and .8 mbps downstream out in Canal Winchester. I sent some cash to get access to the sponsor maps...I am wondering where this awful tower actually is located.
  6. South East - Groveport/Canal Winchester. I saw 3G pop up today sitting in the parking lot of a mcdonalds and I about lost it. What is this magic box you speak of? Just a wifi repeater?
  7. Hey S4GRU! Long time no sprint. So I moved back to columbus from VA and due to the iPhone XS promotion, I switched from ATT to Sprint. So I was hoping things had improved, but it seems like the coverage I remember from 6-8 years ago. I really don't want to give these phones back but man these first 2 days have been rough. Any tips for dealing with sprint coverage?
  8. Thanks! I will miss monitoring the ever changing ShenTelos landscape with you all. :-) One day I hope to return to a lynchburg blanketed in LTE.
  9. Well folks, it became easier to move to a different sprint region then get shentel to fix this mess lol :-) (joking...kinda) Moving up to Columbus, OH (got a new job)here in a few days, and will be promptly switching to sprint soon after. Its be fun, but I am looking forward to living an a market that is serviced by sprint proper.
  10. Well folks, I have to ship back my sprint note 5 today to the samsung test drive folks. Sadly, the network hasn't improved enough for me to switch yet, but I would imagine in a month or 2 it could be a very real possibility.
  11. No idea but things have been all over the place here today. Hit 12 down :-)..averaging around 4-5. At one point I think I was picking up a new tower as the signal rating was in the low -90's and I average -105ish at my desk but it lost the connection before I could get up SCP.
  12. LTE seems to be down for me right now in lynchburg...power cycled, forced to LTE...nothing.
  13. Interesting...once again at around 10:30ish the speed was back down to .5 down. That seems like a huge drop in bandwidth to attribute to tower load from the early to mid morning. Any thoughts?
  14. On Liberty's campus in the middle of one of their large buildings...im getting around 6 down but .42 up. Better then it has been. Things are improving :-) Additionally the building penetration on Band 26 is fantastic..i understand why T-mo was so eager to get some low band spectrum.
  15. Off of Timberlake near the Kroger But it appears that it is now back to the .5ish up speeds of a few weeks ago. Something was being tested..:-) But it gives me hope for the future.
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